Hey everyone.
I've decided to write a twitlonger about the whole experience. Okay, so first off. How did we know Hayley? Well Charlie (ImABieberFan_) saw an interview of Hayley about her disease and what she has to go through and then it said that she likes Jusitn. So, she looked her up and found her parents email. She emailed her parents and asked permission for her to make a twitter support account. They were very pleased and thankful. Then Me (@JustinWolfPack), Lauren (@XoLaurenEmily), Casey (@ItsCaseyCaruso) and Sydney (@WhadUpBieber) read her story and our hearts melted for her. Hayley suffers from Progeria and struggles everyday so we knew we had to help make her smile. We were so inspired and we wanted to help. So we joined in the account. Later on, I decided to make a video about her disease and her last wish. It got the word out and right then and there a miracle happened. Christian Beadles saw the video and said he'd send an email to the crew to let them know about Hayley.

A couple of weeks later, we decided to trend BiebsMeetHayley to grasp Justin's crews attention. It didn't do that but, it did grab many other people's. Many people started spreading the word.

While all of this was happening, we kept in touch with Hayley and her parents giving them updates every single week.

A couple of weeks later we decided to trend it again. It became a TT worldwide and with our followers help another miracle happened. A huge one! Scooter Braun saw it and tweeted it. He then DM'ed us saying he'd figure out a way to help Hayley out. Also, he then called Hayley's parents and got in contact with them. Later on that day Justin tweeted us a wink which literally made us all so happy. That told us that he knew something...

Hayley knew that we we're helping her out. She knew we were trying our hardest to get her to meet Justin. She didn't know anything about Scooter or that but her parents did.

Later, Allison messaged us asking for Hayley's information. We gave it to her and then she planned out the meeting...

WE WERE FREAKING OUT. We literally want to thank all of our followers for spreading the word about Hayley. You guys made her so so so so happy.

We messaged Hayley's mom telling her all this and she said that someone from JB's crew contacted her and that Hayley is meeting Justin on the 5th.

TODAY WAS THE 5TH. JUSTIN MET HAYELY! Hayley had the best experience of her life. We can't stop smiling, like it's a miracle. Did we do this? We can't believe it. We're all so happy to be part of this and to be able to make Hayley's last wish come true.

To @JustinBieber: Thank you Justin so much. We've probably said thank you a bazzilion times but we mean it. Thank you, you made Hayley really happy. We couldn't have done this without you. I mean, she wanted to meet you. :) That scream of hers when she saw you, was a hint that she is so happy. She was so surprised. She couldn't believe it. You're a great man for doing this. Thank you very very much.

To @Scooterbraun & @Allisonkaye: Thank you both SO MUCH! Seriously, we thank you from the bottom of our heart. You made this happen! Thank you for contacting us. Thank you for making this happen. You guys are our heroes.

To all of our followers, THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO MUCH. We love you guys! We're all heroes, you guys made this happen for Hayley.

#MuchLOVE and God bless everyone!

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