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ستمداد خانواده ابراهیمی برای نجات جان فرزندشان Save 85 @Refugees from IRI Thugs - #Iranelection @UN

Story with Updates

Vahid (Wahyd) Ebrahimi, a university professor, was born in a family that as under intense pressure by the Revolutionary Guard in Iran. His grandmother was a university professor that died under torture, and his uncles live in Evin prison where one of them lost his eyes. Another of his uncles Alireza attempted to flee Iran but his body was later found at his place of work, and authorities did not allow inspections of the body. The family was put under arrest and was freed after the funeral.

We became aware that Vahid decides to flee to Iraq to seek refugee status with the UN, but surrenders to the officials at a nearby village and is taken to prison. At the Iraqi court of the city of Meysan, he gets sentenced to 5 years and 1 month prison in an Iraqi court. He asked what is going on and one Iraqi official responded in English while the judge responded in Farsi, telling him to sit down or be sent back to Evin. In this prison, prison of Kouhi, which is a hundred-fold better than Evin, 84 other Iranians also reside. An Iranian woman even gave birth there, and an Azari-Iranian died after a hunger strike and getting into a fight with prison officials. Now, after 1 1/2 years of being in the Iraqi prison, however, he is being told that he will be sent back to Iran. If he goes back to Iran, it is certain he will be tortured and executed. His family is currently being monitored and not allowed to leaven Iran.

We do not want to allow the Iraqi officials to sentence Vahid to the fate of the Islamic Republic. We are asking anyone to help us. The red cross can only get letters to be communicated between us, but even that requires us to pay off the officials. His lawyer has said that anything we want to do requires heavy bribing. I have Vahid's documents, and am willing to go anywhere to provide them in order to save his life. Amnesty is aware of his file in London and Bonn. They have told us the only solution for his is to seek help from the United Nations. We are grateful to anyone who will help us.

The Ebrahimi family

Contact: The Iran Information Project at or @TheVeni1 or @Khoshkeledoc

1. There are 84 other Iranians with Wahyd including 3 men and 1 woman who are all execution risk if returned to Iran. It is also reported that there is also an Iranian infant child being held at the facility; it was born there according to messages I received

2. About 2 weeks ago Iranian Consular Officials tried to force Wahyd to return to Iran. He resisted and was savagely beaten by the Iranian Consular Thugs. He was returned to his cell without needed medical treatment. The OHCHR, UNHCR and ICRC offices in New York, Washington, DC, Geneva and Iraq were notified immediately by The Iran Information Project. The United States Embassy in Iraq was notified as well.

3. When Wahyd recovered from the beating he went on a dry hunger strike. He became non responsive and was taken to a medical facility where he was hydrated with intravenous fluid and returned to the prison with the IV's but still unresponsive.

4. Wahyd was asked by fellow inmates to please take water and has but, he is still not eating, and is in serious condition. I will try to contact ICRC tomorrow to confirm this.

5. Information passed from the prison indicates the Islamic Republic of Iran has a consular office within the prison compound giving them access to every Iranian refugee. Some of these refugees have already been returned to Iran. No one knows their fate.

I will post more as I receive further information.

If you know of any other Iranians being detained at Markazi Amarah Prison in Maysan Province, Iraq, in the city of Alemareh or Al Ammareh which in English is called Amarah please Contact us at the following:

The Iran Information Project at

The Iran Information Project

or on Twiiter @TheVeni1 or @Khoshkeledoc

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