For everyone who's plus sized, you all know how hard it is. Not being able to fit into clothes, getting picked on for being different, being scared to sit somewhere, god so many things. Before I start, I want to say to all my beautiful plus sized people out there, you are BEAUTIFUL. We're different and unique and god loves us the same as everyone else. Nobody is better than anybody, so be you, and don't be ashamed of showing your flaws to the world.

I've never been to a concert, ever. Reason? My mom can't afford it. She's a single mother working as a maid getting paid 7 bucks an hour. Not a lot for all the bills she pays. I try not to ask her for anything because I know how much she struggles. We've never been able to afford anything "fancy" because all her money goes to bills and keeping our plates full. She doesn't even drive, she takes a 2 buses and a train to work everyday at 5:00 in the morning. I've always said, If I EVER go to a concert, I want Justin's to be the first. I love him. His ability to poor out his heart and soul into a song is SO beautiful and touching. I can feel his pain in "down to earth" because my mother is always working and I've never met my father. He lives in Spain, developed a family, and never cared to meet me. I want to be able to share that moment when he sings "down to earth" with Justin. He's coming on December 18 (if I'm not mistaken) to Miami Florida. I don't have any money to go, but god works in mysterious ways and I'm sure if we put our hearts together, we can make this happen.

My life hasn't been all that great, I get bullied every single day of my life. I skip school almost everyday to avoid people. I've repeated due to this. Being plus sized has really wrecked my life. Now, I bet you're saying "well, you can lose the weight". No I can't. I have asthma, and the pills I take have steroids in them so every time I eat, I gain twice the weight.

I made a video one day:
I sing on youtube, and one day the hate on my videos got so bad that I broke down and put it on a video (click on the link to see the video). I uploaded it for a day on youtube, then took it down because the hate got even worse.

I don't think I'm asking for much. Just ONE concert. My very first concert. I'm begging and pleading that Justin or scooter sees this. Their hearts are so big, and I'm hoping they'll let me be his OLLG.

God bless EVERYONE that tweets this to Justin. I simply can't explain how I'll feel if you make this happen for me.

BIB: Big is beautiful. <3


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