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1st Dec 2010 from Twitlonger


On December 1, World AIDS Day, we need your help to turn the map of the world (RED) to draw attention to the efforts to eliminate mother to child transmission of HIV by 2015. We are launching a new awareness campaign called ‘The AIDS Free Generation is Due in 2015.'

To show your support on Dec 1 you can:

1) On Twitter, tweet one of our (2015)RED messages using #turnred :

It’s World AIDS Day @joinred fact: 430,000 babies born with HIV last yr. By 2015 that could be 0.

#turnred today http://f.joinred.com/qwx Today’s World AIDS Day. Tell the world that an AIDS Free Generation is due in 2015. #turnred to map it.

@joinred http://f.joinred.com/qwx Tweet #turnred & turn this map of the world (RED). It’s World AIDS Day. Join @joinred. http://f.joinred.com/qwx

All of these small actions will add up -- Each time someone changes their profile picture on Facebook, or tweets using #turnred, the message is mapped to our data visualizer map, that we have developed with Ushahidi, a crowd-sourcing platform that was created by a technology team in Kenya . Each action helps turn their time-zone on the map the color red. The more activity, the deeper the color.

Additional actions that turn the map (RED) include uploading a picture on Flickr using #turnred, watching (RED)’s The Lazarus Effect film on YouTube and attending a (RED) Meetup. To start the map turning (RED) we have added images of the 50+ landmarks around the world that are turning (RED) on World AIDS Day. The map will be on JOINRED.com showing support for this initiative as it spreads around the world.


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