Tim Yap · @iamtimyap

1st Dec 2010 from Twitlonger

@JimAyson @mayfranx @stefbright @boxedlife @Tetir @handsomeYOXEF @jackyfrancisco @scgonzales @josephthaddeus @k1ngkAr0l @crispy_papa @jepoyeng @hungrymoon @paulfarol @miguelsingson @divasoria It was an honest mistake. My apologies to you if you were offended by the mistext, although I clarified it in my next tweets that Mr. Morelos wasn't the winner but the reporter who covered the lotto proceedings. I tweeted those messages without any malice or ill intentions. I am currently trying to contact Mr. Morelos to personally apologize to him for the matter. Point taken, lesson learned. Thank you for your tweet.

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