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29th Nov 2010 from Twitlonger


I sincerely hope that I can give justice to our whole MAMA experience! <3 I have so much to say that I don't even know where to begin and I don't even know if I actually put into words the euphoria that we felt seeing our favorite artists, most especially Dara, perform live! :)

Previous to the event itself, there was only two of us literally stalking Dara and the rest of YG Family. When I say stalking, I really really really mean stalking. :) We would just stay outside their practice area for hours on end waiting for them (but most of our encounters with Dara and the rest of YG family were by chance) and there were times that we even forgot to eat. We were so scared that we would miss them that going to the bathroom wasn't even an option (I know, crazy right?) but we really really really just wanted the full experience. I don't think we will ever get another experience such as what we experienced in Macau where all of our favorite artists, especially Dara, were just an arms reach away! <3

At around noon on the 28th, we checked in the Venetian Hotel, there, we met up with 4 more Dara obsessed fangirls! :) From this point on, there were already 7 of us - ALL DARA OBSESSED! :)

We started preparing and wore our Dara shirts and brought all our signs downstairs including Philippine flags! We really wanted to represent! <3 We actually made a strong statement! Imagine 7 fangirls all wearing Dara shirts walking towards the venue with huge Dara/2ne1/BigBang signs carrying Philippine flags! We were then interviewed by some Korean, Japanese and even Australian reporters asking why we were there, who we were supporting, etc.

FINALLY THE DOORS OPENED AND WE WENT TO OUR SEATS. I would like to make a special shoutout to one of us who was able to get complimentary tickets from MAMA! She was really really really near the stage! :) You can't imagine the excitement we were feeling at this point. We were in a huge arena with fellow kpop crazy fans. The feeling was something else. We waited and the awards show started and out came 2ne1!!! We started screaming and screaming our hearts off! I swear, there were sooo many 2ne1 fans in that arena. The whole arena was filled with screams for 2ne1. The experience was something else.

Then came 2ne1's performance!!! When the lights dimmed and thunder could be heard, our hearts were beating so fast!!! Everyone still didn't know who was going to perform but when CL shouted "braaah!" we knew it was 2ne1 and then the arena erupted into screams! Like really erupted into deafening screams! Some even stood up and others stomped their feet. The excitement was something else. The stage that they prepared was pure AWESOMENESS!!! I really felt chills!!! Their introduction was really something else. The arena was filled with sounds of thunder.. Ahhh!!! I just can't explain it. Then 2ne1 appeared looking as fierce as ever. I have to say though, booooo to mic failure! I swear! That was the only damper to their performance! The mic was really really really bad.

I honestly was just staring at Dara probably for the entire performance! Hehehe! (Sorry, Dara obsessed fangirl right here!) And when she did her solo part for "Clap Your Hands!" I can't even remember if I was screaming or if I was just staring with my mouth hanging open! (That's how much of a fangirl I honestly am!)

THEIR INTRODUCTION TO CAN'T NOBODY WAS REALLY A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! The entire entire entire arena was filled with green strobe lights (do you call it strobe lights? Sorry I don't know!) Like literally, there were like green lasers everywhere! The effect was amazing! Gah! I wish you were all there really! I want to make this fan account perfect but as you can see, I am running out of adjectives! And then 2ne1 appeared and they were glittering like it was no one's business! Their costumes coupled with the green lasers was something else!!! It was all so surreal! Again, I just stared at Dara for the entire performance! I just can't get enough of her!

2ne1 ended their performance with deafening screams from the audience! I think I'm sick now because of screaming too much for Dara and 2ne1! <3


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