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@Robstenation #Robsten This is from the book the hidden truth of names - Rob and Kristen's name analysis is crazy perfect! Thought it would something interesting to look at. You can re-post on your blog if you want, if not, thats cool too.... Kristen's is like perfectly accurate. Robert's is pretty accurate in the character analysis and traits but the profession is a little off. I've had this book for like 10 years. I bought it for fun back in high school... and I picked it up during Thanksgiving and was reading through names I know of people... and, of course, peeked at Rob's and Kristen's and just wanted to share w/someone b/c I thought it was pretty interesting :)

Here's the book excerpt:


“A Kabbalistic Synopsis

Robert is incredibly logical. He has analyzed the world around him from a very early age, and is likely to be noticed as a budding scientist before he even reaches high school. He has a down-to-earth nature, though, which prevents him from coming across as too remote. Indeed, Robert has a great love of the comforts and trappings of home. He would be ideally suited to a career that requires the ability to think quickly and rationally. A Robert born under one of the earth signs, particularly Virgo, is sitting especially pretty with regard to his name, since Virgo is not only associate with affairs of the heart but also with the practical nature of the good scientist. Robert is more than capable of forming emotional attachments, but it will take him a long time to get really intimate with anyone.

The Runic Interpretation

Robert is happy out on the tennis court making his opponent run. Robert has the appealing qualities of Rob, with the addition of the runes Teiwaz (warrior), Raido (journey), and Ehwaz (movement). Robert can be manipulative, but as long as he channels these tendencies into sports he will excel at them. This same drive, perseverance, and ambition can help him in business as well. The Teiwaz rune makes him a fierce and ruthless competitor. Raido, the rune of good communication, helps Robert quickly gain an overview of the game and brilliantly formulate a clear strategy for success. The Raido rune also gives him the ability to think and communicate clearly, and this is reflected in his game. He’s good at sales, teaching, or finance.

The Numerlogical Interpretation

This is very common name with a very uncommon numerological content. Both master numbers, eleven and twenty-two, are present in this name. Few Roberts will live up to this significance, but those who are in full possession of the energy of this name will find that their life is geared for great success. This is a person who can command huge enterprises, create wonderful inventions for the world, lead political parties to success, or be a teacher for a hungry humanity. The majority of men named Robert are kind and well-intentioned and share the need for a close family life.” (Seth Goden Productions, 1999, p.632)


“A Kabbalistic Synopsis
There are the lucky, the very luck, and then there is Kristen! Her name has a value of one thousand, which is the number of good fortune multiplied by itself not just once but twice. If Kristen can’t win, nobody can. It has to be said that Kristen deserves all the good luck that she gets, as she is a completely honest woman with firmly held principles; she sticks by them, whatever the cost. Material good fortune will not bring Kristen the happiness she seeks; she is an emotional centered woman who imagines and values the notion of an ideal partner. She is a deeply sensual individual, so her day dreams are usually pretty interesting!

The Runic Interpretation

Kristen is a seeker. The runic energies signify constraint, movement, warrior, wholeness, standstill, journey, and opening in her name. Kristen knows she has many mountains to climb. She succeeds in having a satisfying life because she learns how to experience her feelings and then get past them. The wounds of the past scar her soul, but she heals and goes onto integrate these negative experiences so that they don’t block her on an emotional level. Kristen seems to understand the relationship of body, mind, and spirit. The Sowelu rune indicates Kristen will arrive at a state of clarity and productivity.

The Numerological Interpretation
The numbers in this name reveal a woman with many facets to her personality. Kristen’s most important concern is for the well-being of her family. She is a gracious person and makes a very supportive partner and a devoted mother. But she is definitely no pushover. Kristen has a firmly rooted sense of herself. She is a self-starter and is not afraid to live up to the challenges that are put before her or those that she creates for herself. Kristen enjoys the feeling of personal freedom, but would tend not to do anything that would threaten the harmony of her domestic life. Her natural sense of balance will give her the potential to integrate her personal interests with those of her family. Emotional conflicts may come about if she is unsuccessful in accomplishing this alignment.”(Seth Goden Productions, 1999, p.441)

Seth Goden Productions (1999). The Hidden Truth of Your Name: A Complete Guide to First Names and What They Sawy About the Real You: The Nomenology Project. USA: The Ballantine Publishing Group.

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