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24th Nov 2010 from Twitter for Mac

@boxingoctopus @araneae I don't think you even get the point. It's not "ohohoho a pregnant women working what a terrible person". The ridiculous part is that she's both smoking and engaging in UNSAFE workplace habits like wearing flipflops in the workplace. You are sitting there passing judgement on cakewrecks for being critical. Circular logic much? Being pregnant or a women doesn't excuse stupid behavior that endangers both you and your child and I'd ream out a man just as much for letting his kid sit in a dirty diaper or go hungry because he's busy watching t.v. or something. When you're a parent (WHICH BOTH GENDERS CAN BE) it's your JOB to take care of your children. To put them in danger haphazardly is ridiculous and unfair to the baby or 'fetus' because they don't have the option to get out of the situation if it's too detrimental to their person. I find it tacky that some people (not necessarily you) are using feminism to excuse the woman's behavior. It's hardly equal rights if you're excusing behavior that would be just as unacceptable if it came from a man.

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