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23rd Nov 2010 from Twitlonger

http://dai.ly/9zyGnF #auspol CC @AbcMediaWatch @SydConfidential @FixNSWLegal The Real @CorruptOLSC has confirmed Celebrity #lawyer Chris Murphy's brother is not a lawyer. This is the same that pled Tarrak Nassr guilty behind his back to stop 30 corrupt @nswpolice going to jail for delivering false briefs disproven by Star City Casino CCTV in 2006. You need to see the footage Today Tonight!

Transvestite @SMH Tabloid Reporter @hornery has been plugging Vince Murphy as a "solictor" and is a regular guest on @2GB_AlanJones show that has a very special relationship with MurphysLawyers.com, from their website.

"People are hypnotised by his mind" - Alan Jones, Sydney radio announcer

"He bridges the gap between the law and the ordinary people" - John Silvester and Andrew Rule, Underbelly The Golden Mile (2010, Ch 16, 'Murphy's Lore')

Those who don't know AlanJones just google Cash for Comment or London Toilet (like George Michael) for more information.

This goes to show somoene who is not a lawyer, can turn up on court when you were NOT INFORMED OF THE DAY BEING CHANGED, AND PLEAD YOU GUILTY BEHIND YOUR BACK. NICHOLAS Cowdery QC then Head of the Department of Public Prosecutions said Tarrek Nassr should have never been charged, let alone convicted. There is a corrupt legal system, working with corrupt @nswpolice. This is your smoking gun if you ever need to refer to one.

Older tweets:
#auspol http://dai.ly/9zyGnF what video doesn't show is Chris Murphy's bro without license plead guy guilty behind back!!

#fd1234h http://smh.com.au/lifestyle/people-1234h.html Why say Vince Murphy is a solictor? #Law society says NO http://bit.ly/8ZetQX #pmlive

Famous #Lawyer Chris Murphy brother is practicing NO BAR LIC as plugged by #smh @sydneyconfidential http://bit.ly/98CxZv #auspol #nsw #law

#nsw #auspol See how Celeb Lawyer Chris Murphy betrays his clients @TodayTonight http://dai.ly/9zyGnF Crikey! He works for @nswpolice #law


It's worth noting the barrister defending the Police on the #dailyterror WAS DIRECTLY HIRED BY Paul Stewart from NOTGUILTY.COM.AU to represent Tarrek Nassr had has first hand notice of his case. Two times in a row he's paid lawyers only to have them betray him for the corrupt NSW Police. Poor guy. Something is wrong with the AUSTRALIAN justice system.

As if the media couldn't get more bent. We have http://www.twitter.com/Hornery (Andrew Hornery) an openly gay transvestite SMH gossip reporter advertising the same unqualified lawyer (Vince Murphy) that pled Tarek Guilty. Just as Alan Jones is plugging Christopher Murphy (http://murphyslawyers.com/christopher-murphy), Hornery also a regular guest on his show talking tabliods. I think we all know Alan Jones is a closet homosexual and that's coming from Chris Masters who's openly gay. Bent cops, bent media. Don't expect justice, expect to be bent over and have your wallet fleeced by people working for the very same people who are persecuting the innocent.

Letter from OLSC:
Dear Mr McKee

On 10 November 2010 you copied to this office an email about "Chris Murphy's brother", Vince Murphy.

As you know, Vince Murphy is not a lawyer but a paralegal. There's nothing to prevent him attending court, accompanying lawyers or clients and, with leave of the court, appearing on behalf of clients in certain circumstances. If any of his clients, including Mr Tarek Nasser, have been misled into thinking he holds a certificate to practise law in NSW they can lodge their own complaints. The fact that a journalist got it wrong in relation to Vince Murphy's qualifications doesn't indicate misconduct.

If Mr Nasser has an objection to the advice he received in relation to his case he can contact the Office of the Legal Services Commissioner on (02) 9377 1800 or 1800 242958 or write to GPO Box 4460 Sydney NSW 2001. If you want to represent him in making such a complaint we'd need an authority from him confirming you as his representative. You're free to lodge a formal complaint on your own behalf. You can do that by going to our website and completing the complaint form.

There's nothing we can do with what you have copied to us.

Jim Milne
Assistant Commissioner (Complaints)

Department of Justice and Attorney General - Promoting a Just and Safe Society
Visit us at www.lawlink.nsw.gov.au

Please consider our environment before printing this email.

This email and any attachments may be confidential and contain privileged information. If you are not the intended recipient you must not use, disclose, copy or distribute this communication. If you have received this message in error please delete and notify the sender. When communicating by email you consent to the monitoring and recording of that correspondence.

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Thanks to Tarek & smokehaze.

@hojuruku - wanted for the rarest crime in Australia 60C NSW Crimes Act http://tinyurl.com/60c-stats - first ever "Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Law in Australia" never used against a bikie. NSW Police's whistleblower KILL-SWITCH law. Crime of obtaining true information that incriminates police.
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