Um current floor music is "thunder" by nuttin' but stringz. Past was from the movie Happy Feet.

My current vault is a yurchenko 1 1/2. Current bar routine is jump to high bar Kip cast tkatchev, Kip cast stalder full to Pac salto, Kip cast 1/2 pirouette to toe up to high bar, Kip cast blind change to jaeger, Kip cast toe shoot full to bail, stalder up, Kip cast, giant giant full twisting double tuck.
Beam full turn, round off layout stepout, popa facing sideways, front tuck, side aerial, sissone split jump, switch leap to back pike, side somme, switch side, round off double pike.
Floor front layout to front double full to sissone, double tuck, round off 1 1/2 to front full, switch ring, switch side, tour jete half, double pike.

Thanks so much for doing this and please excuse my spelling of all the skills, I have no idea how to spell most of them!

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