Those of you who have been following for a while will know that on Monday i tackled @FollowMeRecord on a few issues i wasn't happy with, to which i received a mixed response. In one of my tweets i mentioned @LeCafeShop as being one of their supposed sponsors. The lovely Patrick who owns the company contacted me to ask if there was a problem. We spoke in private and it became clear his company name was being used as a sponsor without his agreement or knowledge. I contacted #childreninneed on Tuesday morning who confirmed that this account was already under investigation so we have left it until today to ask @FollowMeRecord why they have done this. They are getting lots of #FollowFridays now by genuine people who don't know they have lied about at least one their sponsors. If you believe this is wrong, please help us and #childreninneed by retweeting. Thank you so much, C.

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