[Translated] 101112 Music bank fanacct. Yuri is a weird baby.

Around 100 sones went to KBS despite of the cold weather. So around 11am we went into the studio. The nine of them came out even though the stage has not constructed yet. Sooyoung was the first one to come out. The crowd screamed when she practiced her solo part at one corner. The rest of the girls came out one by one. The outfits were the outfits on the poster.

Alot of interesting events happened when the staffs were still constructing the stage. Hyoyeon, yoong, sooyoung and sunny gathered together and did some dorky actions. Yoong's alligator laughter kept appearing because of hyoyeon's gags. Yuri and maknae were practicing their dance steps at one corner. Sica and taeyeon went to touch up their makeups. As for T-manager (fany), she came to sones side to have her PR talk. All these events reminded me of yesterday's Happy Together where they talked about their roles in the group.

In total there were 5 hoot performances including the rehearsals. Sunny was feeling good today and she did a comical ~shooting~ pose to us. There was a "Girls' Generation" props on the stage. A steel wire attached two foam boards to make the (') board so it can swing on its own. And that was why sunny kept bouncing on the stage just to make that (') to swing. So cute~ A group of kindergarden kids (or primary school kids) came to the studio before the actual recording. The kids were sitting at the audience area at the left side of the stage. After the rehearsal, hyo shouted, "yah, kids~ hi~~~baby~~" to the group of kids. I wanted to see the reactions of the kids but they were too far away from me.

Alot of horizontal bars (similar to the jail bars) were used to construct the right side of stage. Yuri was playing with those bars. A several times after the recordings, she get down from the stage by walking through the gap in between the bars instead of the normal way. And when the cordy unnie wanted to touch up her makeups, she grabbed onto the bars and extended her head out to the cordy unnie. I'm totally speechless. Before the actual recording, we screamed when yuri did a gun holding pose while mouthing to "hoot".

When taeyeon was using the hairspray, yuri walked towards her and pretended to be a hairspray, then her head targeted at tae's hair and started to make "psst" sound. Not once but twice. Yuri complained to sunny, sica and yoong that her left side of her hair was kinda weird. They even touched her hair. But after that sunsic walked away. Yoong went to the side of the stage immediately and called her cordy unnie. So from that moment onwards, whenever sunsicyoong get down from the stage, the cordy needs to use alot of hairspray on their hair.

PS. I went home straight after the recording because of my cold. I think I shall wear a mask to tmr's fansign in case I spread the virus to soshi.

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