I removed my vlog & my fan site post about the iTunes incident w/ the early episode upload and receiving the gift from the Apple Corporation for two reasons.

The first is that over time, I felt petty bragging about doing something nice out of my free time. I did it because it was the right thing to do and I didn't do it expecting praise or anything in return. I was mainly concerned that an early episode release would mean people would upload pirated copies of the episode on YouTube and that people would see it early one way or another and in return, less people would watch live and the number of views would diminish for when the episode was supposed to air.

Anything I do in my fan work is for the show, the cast, the people behind the show and of course, the fans. Sometimes I "show myself" (even if I feel incredibly awkward about it) because people like the reassurance that I'm a real person and a real fan instead of some random person paid to do this, but it's not about me. In bragging about this, which also defeated the purpose of letting Apple know they uploaded an episode early so they could step in and delete it, I ignored this fact, have come to realize this myself, and am sorry for that.

The other reason is that I was tired of some of the pathetic and rude comments people were leaving me in regards to the incident. I wasn't doing it to brown nose anyone, I didn't "ruin" anything for anyone and I'm not a loser for doing the right thing. Also, for those who claimed I never emailed them back when they harassed me about this - I have copies of my sent emails. Just because you either deleted the email I sent to you or they bounced back to me because you created a fake email to give me a hard time with doesn't mean it never happened. Sorry, but I'm too old (23 specifically, but you get the point) to deal with the nonsense ;)

Thanks for your understanding, everyone <3 -AMANDA

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