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11th Nov 2010 from Twitlonger

Some other people I recognised in the Millibank destruction who you should report to The Telegraph immediately. #demo2010

A nearby team of plasterers
Karl Kennedy
V (for Vodafone)
Wichita Linesman
Marko Kaine, the Juggernaut
Noel Edmonds (and several audience members with giant foam ballpoints)
Sgt. Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos
The 137th Russian Orchestra Ballet Troupe
Senator Joe McCarthy
Lloyd George's corpse, animated with electrodes and a control device under operation of Dr Graham Lister up upon a grassy knoll near Blackfriars Bridge
Lisa Riley
Captain Scarlet Doo-de-Doo-Doo- Mysteron's Lair
Justin Marshmallow
That guy who sells those things on the road up there you know the one I mean
Galactus, and his brother, Unicron
Poppadom (the foodstuff)
Alexander The Great
Major Joseph Ball and J. C. C. Davidson
Scott Bakula
The Great Gatsby
Philomena Begley
A packet of custard creams (Tescos, 44p)
John Noakes
The Armadillo
No I may have got it wrong about John Noakes, can we have a re-trial?
A kite (may have been triangular)
The Autons
and Robin Williams, for his role in Dead Poets Society
The ringleader was Hippocrates, father of modern medicine. His deputies were Snake-Eyes the ninja, and some ewoks.

These terrorists should all be reported to Conservative Party Central Office at immediately.

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