@jenthefangirl 140 characters ain't gonna cut it - gotta go long form here. I find myself wondering if you are of the same group of folk who start fires and then complain about the smoke. Do you think that comment will change the course of the series? Do you HONESTLY believe that this show will go back to the format and tone of the previous shows, thanks to the simple logic of two tweets? I don't think you do because you strike me as an intelligent gal, and someone I'd probably quite like in the real world. I would be willing to simply dismiss and ignore you if I thought you were insane, and trust me I've run across some crazies out there. I don't think you're one of them. Which leads me to ask: why on earth would you waste your time with this kind of thinly veiled provocation when you know it isn't going to accomplish anything but more negativity, more aggression, more hurt feelings? You can voice your opinion anywhere you want, but why do it here unless you want to start a fire? I'm seriously trying to understand why after two years you think that comment is relevant - I have a sneaky suspicion that the comment wasn't about relevance. The subtext was full of snark, pure and simple.

This twitter account was set up in the spirit of celebration - it's a place where folks can drop by and get to know me a bit and can follow the progress of a show they've taken an active interest in. They can get a sense of what an actor's life is like. I love interacting with the fans and even sharing pics of my dog. It's a place to have fun and be positive. I respectfully ask you to not take advantage of our willingness and eagerness to interact with our fans by elbowing in and being just plain rude. Please don't lurk in the shadows and wait for an opportunity to turn our enthusiasm against us. It's such a rotten thing to do, and I'm struggling to understand why you think it's perfectly fine. If you need a good example of why this fanbase is so divided and full of animosity, just refer to your comment. I didn't do anything or say anything to provoke you - I was sharing something that I was excited about and you turned it into an opportunity to snark a show that I care deeply about AND the fans who care deeply about it as well. It doesn't have to be this way. Don't show up at a party full of people you dislike and then proceed to insult them and the things they enjoy without expecting a reaction, especially when the party's been going on for two years.

"No offense but it just ain't Stargate"? Honey, there's no way to politely spit in someone's face. There are many people who may agree with you - and there are some people, particularly people who have sought me out on twitter, who are loyal fans of all three shows and don't have a problem reconciling it like you do. It's like showing up at a Cowboy's tail gate party, grabbing some beer and chowder and then telling everyone around you that their team isn't a football franchise. You're lucky this isn't a tailgate party - I'm a Cowboy's fan and we'd do a lot more than just tell you to get lost.

Please forgive me for being so wordy, but it HAD to be said. I've actually enjoyed writing this, believe it or not. I don't know if it'll do any good, but it's time for all of us to leave each other alone and stop these preemptive assaults on shows we don't like or don't watch, for crying out loud. It's a friggen TV show - let's enjoy it while it lasts and show a little compassion for each other. The end.

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