Ola everyone (:

im Lois and im from the Netherlands. Today someone on twitter inspired me, and im gonna do this now:

for every new follower i will get, i put 5cent in a box and that goes to a Dutch charity. A Dutch charity for kids with cancer.

I understand if you dont believe me, i mean you could think i only do this to get more followers but im not the kind of person who only do this for followers. Before i didnt even cared about the number of my followers becuz im here to support @justinbieber. But now i do care, becuz every follower who i get, helps a kid without even knowing.

You can ignore this now, but you could RT this too. Other people will read it and maybe follow me. And then we are again a bit closer to help kids.

So please, RT this and maybe follow me? Just think about all those kids. You dont need to do something, except of following me. But i put all those 5cents in the box, not you.

Theres already a few cents in the box. But i want it to be more. So please read and spread the world and help a kid!

Thank youuuu <3

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