@ChazOswald Chaz, please c my last Tweets, @mihelich(& those from last night/this AM). From your #Fb company listing, looked up: http://j.mp/be4Uxn

I've already been doing this type of thing, but would like to do it, as a #job. (Either w/ someone's company, like I did last year, for www.Braynard.com or with my own "business"(which may be freelance).

As said last week:

~ http://tl.gd/6l40ds & http://tmi.me/2Agbt ~

...Seeing how so many of you guys (you, @bastanton, @matthewgolden, @jermy85, @tsickmeyer, @CollinCorbett etc.) - have set up your own firms - has been making me feel VERY behind-the-curve.

Now that the #election's over (though, new ones are already starting! See my last Tweets, @mihelich @houstonformayor...) -
It is the right time, for me to either join an existing group, involved in this field, or to start my own!

[Actually, I already seem to be behind you guys...
http://twitter.com/AakashRaut/status/453519727403008 ]

***Though I think that's only insofar as not being set-up, and having something organized; I don't think it's true, insofar as knowledge & skills.

After all, I was once ahead-of-the-curve (started a #blog, when most people didn't even know what that word meant!) - I think I am actually more up-to-par (and actually AHEAD) than I give myself credit for; Did you see, from before: http://tl.gd/6l40ds
#Confidence #lack

I hope to be in contact soon, regarding how I can get plugged in, and organized, on using my background, skills, contacts, and proficiencies, in an organized and formal VOCATIONAL arena. #PrayForMe Thanks so much!

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