3 Nov. . iOS4.2, VoiceOver new items, changes and bugs.
1. This is iOS4.2 Gold Master Candidate, which means it is finalized, but isn't publically available.
2. These are various things, which I noticed, not an official list from Apple, anyone or anywhere.
3. I tried to be as thorough and detailed as possible, but may have missed items.
4. This covers items, which specifically involved VoiceOver in some form. There are many blogs, podcast etc, which discuss iOS4.2 on a general level.
5. This is an updated version, which was sent out before and includes details on previous points and additional items.

* VoiceOver Settings: Include Speech Rate in rotor
* Rotor: Speech rate.
* Sliding ring/silent switch, VoiceOver says "muting" and "unmuting"
* Settings>Sound, do not use volume button. Can press up/down and increase system/VO volume without it speaking. Ring/Alert and sys/VO volume are different
* Slide to power off (towards top)
* headings detected/spoken in many more areas, eg, settings, built-in and third-party apps.
* sound when moving to/from and in/out text edit page/fields
* when progress has stopped, "progress halted" message.
* view button as changes state, eg, "follow" following" and "unfollow" Depending on state, buttons will change action/label, VoiceOver will report/read.

* "loading" message in various apps is now "in progress"
* overall, VoiceOver is more responsive.
* speech rate increments/decrements by 5%
* keyboard echo for soft (virtual) and hard (bluetooth)
* same page links now reported as, "in page link" iOS4.1 reported as "internal link"

* US VoiceOver TTS set to 100%, for most part, no longer cuts off letters reading, reviewing or typing.
* Keyboard more responsive, not as much pressure required and characters entered much more quickly.
* Settings>Sounds>Ringtones: three-finger scroll will not exit.
* Contacts>Birthday: add/edit works.
* double tap on edit field, beginning/end in edit fields feedback.
* app where, contains text query/search, full/partial search, can access list and select
* review apps, rating (0-5 stars), VoiceOver reads ratings.

* Push alert reads time, not content. (old)
* Sending text message, message is read after selecting "send" button. (old)
* US TTS set to 100% will partially cut off X and H, but still understandable and can tell what letters they are. (partial)
* UK or Australian VoiceOver at 70-100% has speech cut off with a variety of characters,unusable. (old)
* With hints off, opening/closing folder gives message and tone, should give tone only. (old)
* screen back light is on, even with screen curtain on. (old)
* screen curtain state not preserved after hard reset- restore or restart. (old)
* harder to move apps from page to page (virtual line is thinner and/or less sensative). (new)
* read all, slide to mute, VO will speak muting and read all stops
* read all, slide to mute, VO will speak "muting" and read all stops. (new)
* reviewing text message, subject, message, and keyboard disappear. (new/intermittent)

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