Let me explain something since I'm becoming increasingly convinced the average twitter user is eleven years old. Twitter is social media. Social, meaning people use it to talk & express their opinions & media meaning that its to broadcast & publicize what is currently going on in the world.

I have previously tweeted a twitlonger about bullying. Specifically relating to Perez Hilton. (It can be read here: http://tl.gd/6c6i4d ). In that, I very specifically state that I am, in fact, a bully.

This brings me to my point of enraged people tweeting me about how I suck. I don't suck. You know why? Because that is a matter of opinion. Viewing something in a positive or negative light is an opinion. For instance, I believe Harry Potter should burn in a fiery blaze along with anyone who wears shorts and uggs. That is my opinion. The only way you can truly suck is if you believe that you suck. I don't. If your world view is determined by twitter & someone's tweet literally can ruin your day then you need help. Get the hell off twitter. You don't belong on it. It's a damn social media site.

For the people who read half of my tweet & then "correct" me. Read the damn thing before you start going on an enraged rant of expletives. You make yourself look more foolish than Goyle in a spelling bee. Reading name-calling & hate in a twitter post doesn't affect someone who realizes that an anonymous person's rant is, in fact, hilarious. People writing hate tweets to stop hating are hypocrites. People who get enraged at a joke about a celebrity they like, while laughing at the expense of those they don't, clearly don't understand the concept of having different viewpoints. People who don't get sarcasm, your life is sad.

I don't give a damn if you like my tweets because I don't give a damn about you. I care about myself & my snake. (My actual snake. Minds out of the gutter). I don't know who the hell you are, nor do I care. If you don't like the tweets, I suggest you unfollow. That's why there's a damn button. However, by all means continue writing about how I should burn in hell while you write with an eight year old's grammar & spelling. It amuses me to no end.

If you read this whole thing, understood & laughed; welcome to the fucking Death Eaters. If you didn't, you just wasted a large portion of time. Sucks for you.

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