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This is an email from Karen.

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From: deleted for privacy
Date: Apr 1, 2007 2:00 PM
Subject: The Real Lisa Marie - Karen Faye.
To: edited for privacy

Hi Angie.....everyone has a part of their mind that
will always doubt. We must learn to trust our hearts,
not our brains. Lisa Marie is a very evil little girl.
She was horrible to Michael, myself, and anyone who
was around Michael. She was even jealous of her own
children when they adored Michael. She was the one
trying to manipulate Michael and his world. I never
saw Michael so miserable as I did when he was married
to Lisa. Ino one should start
beleiving the tabloids now......Lisa has her album
coming out, she wants as much publicity as she can,
What better way than to jump on Michaels
popularity....everyo ne else does.


Lisa is an evil little princess
Michael is an angel by comparison to LM
she was so jealous of anyone that came near Michael
she hated me.....so jealous, she didn't want me touching him

LM has an album she wants to sell...what better way than to use Michael.....

she was a lovely person before they married
she pursued him with a vengence even when she was still married
she did not smoke or drink
as soon as they got married, she drank, smoked, wanted to fire everyone around Michael, and demanded he become a Scientologist
he bent over backwards to please her.....he never could, she was just too miserable

Lisa is just seeing the situation through her eyes, which is from a
very confused individual. I viewed the relationship
from a more objective point of view. Lisa was a
miserable, jealous, and treated Michael unfairly in
every situation when I was around. He was so unhappy
during his marriage with her, and he tried so hard to
make it work. You must also understand she has an
album to sell right now, and again people are more
interested in Michael than they are with her.....what
would you say? You would twist everything to support
yourself and your record sales...this is very
predictable. Also, remember the media twists the words
of the people they interview also (didn't we just see
that?) Do you think they don't do it with Lisa too?


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