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24th Oct 2010 from Twitlonger

Observations on 24/7 first episode: "none more so than these two?" -- don't know how they know; 24/7 has a list of boxes to checkmark every episode these days -- they got the scatalogical/ass stuff in there with Margarito farting, hahahahaha farts; if Roach doesn't want to be noticed in the mall, he might try not wearing Pacquiao gear and walking around with cameras -- that was clearly staged for the purposes of showing Roach is a star in the Philippines, too; isn't the hitting-stomach-with-stick thing old news at this point, not "unconventional?"; was that Sergio Martinez at the Margarito event?; if he beats Pacquiao, Margarito will dampen the charges that his whole career is a sham, but it will mean nothing about whether he and his team tried to load his gloves in the Mosley fight; "a storm is coming" blah blah cliche blah blah.

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