Dear Friends, and the people who are going to read this,

My name is Cheryl Williams, i am 45 years old with two children, Torres, and Terrel who recently committed suicide due to bullying.

While away on vacation Terrel was assaulted, and rudely attacked by some other teenagers (Not mentioning names, until my family has decided to openly talk about the possible charges).

Clarification #1:

Terrel Williams was homeschooled. Never attended Clover Park High School, nor ever had any affiliation with it.

Clarification #2:

The "Clover Park" ordeal began after a twitter user, spiked a message "17 year old dies in clover park". That message alone, played a huge part in this situation fastly spreading across the internet.

Clarification #3

Terrel did NOT die in Washington State, whatsoever. Their are only two people in this living world, at this moment whom know where he died.

Clarification #4

Yes he hanged himself in his bedroom, but it wasn't the bedroom anywhere near the city of Lakewood. I as his mother can assure you that.

I have this morning, read about a number of alarming reports that say my son attended Clover Park High School, which entirely i can assure you isn't true.

To begin with, I'd like to send my dearest apologies to a male (Donny Lumpkins) from San Francisco i believe i read.

Your photo was emailed to me, asking if in fact that was my son, which its not, but you do in fact look not completely similar but in some ways you do.

This situation exactly is why i never myself wanted to talk about this publicly, or even mention a word of it to anyone.

I personally wanted to deal with my sons situation in private, inside of my own family.

The reason Donny's photo got mixed in with this entire situation, was because of the photo being emailed and my older son asking me to find out whom in fact it was.

Now, if you've read the story on (LGBT Nation) you'll come to find i've had much success in getting the administrative bloggers to remove Donnys photo, and NOT placing another in place of it.

Their will be no photo of Terrel released in any such media outlet, anywhere you may read, see, watch, and or listen too.

Why? Because of all the negativity from this point my family is done speaking to the media.

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