While I understand and appreciate and support the emotion and feeling behind gamer's desires to sign petitions and write their representatives to let their views be known on the California games bill in front of the Supreme Court, am I the only who who thinks such efforts are pointless and naive ? The Supreme Court does not rule based on how a vocal majority- let alone a vocal minority like gamers and other media folks- feel about a case in front of them. At best the court will use solid judgement, facts, and president to make a decisions. At worse they will let their own political agendas rule the day. But either way, what do they care what the public thinks? They didn't care that a majority of Americans wanted a recount for the Presidential election in 2000, you think they'll care that 3000, 5000, 10,000, hell even 5 MILLION people sign some petition?

Again, perhaps there is value and I'm missing something but from my view it just seems like a big exercise to make people feel like they are making a difference when- in the end- none of our views on this will matter one bit. The Supreme Court is not a democracy where the people vote on the laws they want enacted.


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