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15th Oct 2010 from Twitlonger

Re: YBF's video of the Af. Am. Online Summit at the White House

I want to make something very clear. There is no story here. The White House has not told me (Natasha E. of anything about recording or posting video from the Summit online, and I have been in contact with the White House since Monday.

Discussions from the Summit that were specifically deemed off-the-record have indeed not been discussed.

I encourage readers to be aware of the motives of certain sources of information, and aware of whether a source was even present to have first hand and correct information.

I was there. I am well aware of what was off the record and what was not. Pres. Obama's appearance was also discussed on the White House's own blog.

No rules were broken. If even one "media source" reporting on this had reached out to me before running with falsities, it would have been made clear.

I took it upon myself to remove the video, solely due to certain media (who were not present at the Summit) who have publicly misconstrued the facts. I refuse to give any ammunition in any way to those who have a negative agenda for such a positive event.

Again, this "story" is a non-story.

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