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13th Oct 2010 from Twitlonger

I don't watch Oprah and I did not hear what she said about MJ, but on this topic I see no reason to think it false that she hurt him, regardless of how, based on what Karen and now Randy have said regarding MJ's feelings on Oprah. I want to know for myself what she said and what she did that hurt him so much. As for the dates, one show aired on 5/11/2005: Day I Found Out My Husband Was a Child Molester. Then, on the day of his acquittal another show aired (6/13/2005: Molested by a Priest). I can't see shows listed before 2003 but looking at this, 2 shows were pre-charges, the bulk of her shows were during 2005 and 2006--when MJ's trial was still fresh on people's mind. She apparently had no shows on the topic in 2007, 2008 and 2009 and has now picked back up on the topic in 2010. The timing may be coincidence but I kind of doubt it. I don't think Oprah does much by coincidence. She did not get to the top of her game by chance or accident.

The dates of the shows:

I would like to know which show(s) are being referenced to have hurt him so badly that a very forgiving man never forgave her for what she did. That speaks volumes, volumes of pain.

This tweet solely focuses on Oprah and not the Jackson family and their decisions concerning her.

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