I know there are a lot of LGBTQ fans and some of them are following

I love www.MakeItBetterProject.com
I wish I'd seen it as a teen
You all should watch it

I cannot contribute myself because:

I have had a history of depressive episodes
These episodes began in my teens
Were unrelated to homophobia
Just chemical stuff and high anxiety levels

In my 20s they did not get better
They got worse
Although my estimation of myself as a LGBTQ person increased
Chemical imbalance continued

I am totally fine now
Ask anybody

No seriously, this isn't meant to be about ME
I'm just saying that when it comes to depression
"It doesn't get better"
Happily, there is an amazing support system out there
(No, not your friends, don't use them as your therapists)
(No, not your family either, although you'd be surprised)
(No not your Twitter feed!)

It is anonymous hotlines
Message boards
Doctors (therapists, MDs)

I actually like anonymous hotlines the best, you never know what you're gonna get

In short:

I too am bummed about Tyler Clementi
But I feel like the victims here are actually the poor dude who pranked him
And his family who bought him a violin and sent him to school

Just because the support system is wide

And people who love you are everywhere

And LGBTQs may historically be more likely to be depressed
And bullied
But depression can be "no thang"
It's just not gonna be fixed by "getting older" and "moving to Toronto"
Depression is something different
It's not LGBTQ specific
And it happens to everybody
And it will happen again

I've spent the last 30 years of my life surrounded by beautiful girls and boys
I've spent the last year meeting many new beautiful people
In the last week
I met a transboy in Pittsburgh with an infectious smile
I met a transgirl in Ohio who has a soft voice and a great blog
I've met happy old bear couples
Happy old dyke couples
Intergenerational relationships
Rappers who gave "respect"
Truckers who said "azm bro"
Female firefighters with enormous biceps
Gorgeous men and women from Columbia, Ecuador, Estonia, India

Yes it gets better
But it's already awesome

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