I received a large number of response to a tweet I wrote about @perezhilton. My comment, for those that did not see it was: "Perez Hilton is telling people not to bully. Has he read his website? That'd be like if I started a campaign about loving Harry. #hypocrite". The replies to this ranged from vilifying Mr. Hilton to profanity laced ministrations about how I too am a bully.

I'd like to clear something up. I am a bully. I fully accept & embrace this role. I make fun of others for sport & leisure. I mock celebrities when I think they act like morons & I ridicule people who reply to me with terrible spelling & grammar. Why? Why the hell not? I think it's funny and frankly the only person I care about is me. The difference between myself & Perez is that I don't go back on this to attempt to portray myself as a champion against those who are being bullied.

Perez' website is designed to ridicule & mock others. Whether it be a a smarmy comment, unoriginal nickname (kiki drunkst, Mischa Fartone, Slutty Cyrus etc) or a photoshopped picture with drool added; his posts garner attention through bullying. Currently Perez has made anti-bullying his pet project. He has gathered videos from celebrities & reiterated over & over the importance of putting an end to the very ridicule & comments that have made him "famous". Additionally, celebrities have responded to his requests & made their own videos (many of them the celebrities that he mocks on a daily basis). Whether these videos are genuinely because the care about the cause or were created to gain favor with Perez is up to individual discretion. One thing is certain, creating these videos is simply the victims aiding the bully that terrorizes them. It's Pettigrew all over again. (See what I did there? With the reference to the wizarding world? Yeah.)

In spite of my efforts for world domination, there still remains freedom of speech. He is entitled to say whatever he wants. However, to turn around & chastise others for writing "belittling, hateful comments" while calling teen celebrities promiscuous & other celebrities ugly or fat makes him a hypocrite.

His pet cause is those who target homosexuality as the focus of their ridicule and yet Perez repeatedly refers to straight celebrities as "homolicious" or by pet names such as "gayface". He has even gone so far as to question sexualities & in some cases attempted (or succeeded) in forcing celebrities to come out of the closet. He has stated "If I have to drag some people screaming out of the closet, the I will" http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/14065223

So as I stated, this man attempting to be the face of anti-bullying campaigns & starting trending topics such as #itgetsbetter, makes no sense. It would be like Umbridge campaigning for free speech, Lockhart promoting modesty or Hagrid lobbying against Peta. (If you don't get these references you clearly have no idea who I am. Why are you even on my twitter? Go read a book).

People love to hate. That's why Perez is famous. That's why people know who I am. Everyone secretly loves the villain. Plain & simple, Perez Hilton craves attention. He gets attention from bullying. Supporting his site in any way promotes bullying. Viewing a video on his site that's against bullying... is promoting bullying. He is a hypocrite. You want to stop bullying? Stop supporting the products of bullies.

Why did I write this? Because I hate people who say one thing & do another & attempt to gain sympathy for something that they're guilty of themselves. I feel if you're going to be evil, man up & embrace it. That, and I'm between attacks on muggle villages & was kind of bored. If you're still reading this, think about what I said. Actually, do whatever the fuck you want. I don't really care. That's why I'm a bully and a villain. Also, seriously? You read this whole thing? You're either a devoted Death Eater or have wayyyyy too much free time on your hands. Read a book. Seriously.

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