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6th Oct 2010 from Twitlonger

Things that are NOT true:

Been away so doing this en mass ~

* Tom and Rob are great buddies ONLY. There is no Nevis Devine "whatever" BS going on. Don't even bother me with this crap, because that is exactly what it is. Tom and Kristen are great friends ONLY (for the love of Christ). Rob doesn't have a huge support system in LA. Be lucky Tom is arround. Nothing to see here. Move on.

* I am my own person and am no other alias on the Internet. I do not hang out over at IMDB or the AT boards. Never post there or any other Twi site in a long while. I am also not going to jail, Guantanemo or The Hague on behalf of Summit.

* Even industry insiders laugh at the "PR" rumours because they know what a PR relationship looks like. R/K are the farthest thing from it.

* Someone came to me with recent rumours being spread that Nikki Reed and Rob are back on. <----- Bwahahahaha (This is me spitting out one of Jella's hair balls at this crap). Try and try again, N.

Anything else I have to squash? Seriously, these rumours must be from a teenager covered in zit cream who grabbed some El Pollo Loco takeout from the kitchen counter and retreated back into her room to continue her tireless crusade of convincing peeps R/K are just "PR". Poor little calf. I find it impossible to believe a mature adult would put this shit out there.

The End

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