Twitter Blog Week #9

My gay cellmate is really starting to get on my nerves. Just because I don't judge or hate him cuz he's gay doesn't mean I wanna hear gay remarks towards myself. I almost had to slap the shit out of him the other day, he was getting too comfortable but after putting the fear in him he's not acting straight as can be... lol

In a different story, one of the guys here turned up in an article in the paper for an attempted kidnapping. In the spirit of keeping peace in the tank, I went up to his cell, and I told him it'd be best if he went to "PC." He told the guard that he thought he was in danger (and he was, as I could only momentarily keep fools from smashing him). The guard however blew the situation off for more than 2 hours and eventually somebody went up to his cell and beat on him. They then locked us all down & went cell to cell asking us if we saw anything. I said, "Yeah, 2 hours ago I saw him tell YOU that his life was in danger and that he needed to be moved but I guess YOU didn't want to do your job." LOL He didn't like that too much so it's no wonder that when we ordered commissary that night my order was "lost" which meant no snacks all week! =(

Most all these cops here are real nice to me. I may have to change my attitude towards them, I guess after all, the majority of them just come to make a dollar. That being said though, a couple of these guys are fucking DICKS! It's funny though, the cops that everyone hates here are cool to me, and the cops that everyone likes are dicks to me! WTF!? LOL!

Anyway, I started working out again this week. Feels kinda good but at the same time makes me miss real training. I can just imagine how rusty I'm gonna be when I get out... Ugh! Whatever though, ain't shit but a lil' obstacle and God knows I've encountered plenty of them along the way. Speaking of God and all that, I just read the book "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" I've always believed that the Bible was edited and certain things omitted, but wow. That book sheds a lot of light on things. With the way our modern governments twist shit and lie, it's really no surprise that it was done then and even to a greater degree. I wonder if somewhere, maybe locked up in the Vatican, the REAL unedited Bible exists? Whatever though, at the end of the day all anyone can really do is follow their conscience. It must be there for a reason. Maybe that is the real "Bible" & it's inside each of us. I'm willing to bet that if you follow that, any "Heaven" will let you in.

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