Tim Valencia · @tdvr43

28th Sep 2010 from Twitlonger

I love the padres because for who they are and what they do.
They show emotion in wins and losses
They have passion for the game (obvious)
They have fun (spotlight, yoda backpacks)
They have no egos (bunts, sac flies, demotions)
They stick up/represent for San Diego (ESPN, Jim Rome)
They support the city (Charities, fundraisers)
They dont give up (
They aren't just good players they are good people.

Pads fan since age 4, danced in aisles since I was 5, family is from LA but I was raised here. Still have a Tim Teufel ball from '93, team ball from '90, Peavy hat from '06. Lived 4 years in STL for college, went to every cards vs padres game (playoffs too)and watched all games on MLB gameday until 3am sometimes. Met my gf converted her to the padres, moved with her back to SD(drove)and second day back went to a Padres game. We are the few who wont get ever get off the bandwagon, and we love what you do for us.

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