Dear @iansomerhalder,

From the moment I first watched you on Lost, I was captivated. From your mesmerizing eyes to your clean cut smile I knew that from then on you were destined to move on to great things. I have decided to write my first fan mail letter to you because of the way you have inspired me even though I am only 15. Captivated by the world of the 'living dead' and going through the whole 'creatures of the night' phaze I couldn't believe my luck when I came across the vampire diaries. It has everything a vampire drama could possibly hope to have, finesse, charm, not knowing what's around the corner and ofcourse, yourself! I can't think of anyone better to play the role of Damon Salvatore than you. I hope that you can see me as a 'mutual' friend capable of seeing your true nature and the goodness in your heart. Your one of the very few actors out there who doesn't let fame and fortune take over your life. You do what you do because the subject interests you and, because of that build on the role by 'wanting to play the character'. Being a previous follower of shows like 'Buffy the vampire slayer' and 'angel' I never thought that there could possibly be another show out there to match it's humourous but thrilling content. Howether, the vampire diaries has more than exeeded my expectations and has truly opened my eyes to the many possibilities of being a 'vampire.' I am not entirely sure that this letter will get to you but I am really hoping it will.

My Name is Laura and I come from a small town in the east side of england. I am a serious day dreamer and, much like Elena and Stefan, prefer to show my emotions and feelings through writing rather than to express them in person. I have an answer to everything and everyones opinion because I am a thinker and like to let my creative juices flow. I have read and watched many of your interviews and can't believe how down to earth you are. You are extremely awe enspiring and talented and hope to see you in many films and drama's to come. I want to let you know how cute and amazingly beautiful you are but then I fear I will sound like every other fan mail letter you have had and you will just think to yourself 'It's another one of them' and throw it away with out a second glance. I follow you on twitter with my account @gaga_obsession and would really appreciate it if you could let me know if you have gotten this letter or not, I am going to try my best to get it to you.

I can't help noticing that in your profile picture you are holding the most gorgeous cat I have ever seen. Is it your's? I so hope it is because I am a BIG cat lover and can't go anywere with out my 'little british shorthair tizzy' by my side. Sometimes I swear she is a vampiric cat. she'll be sitting on my knee minding her own buisness and then sink her teeth into my jugular for no apparent reason.
Ive been following you on Twitter for quite a while now and are totally obsessed with your tweets. I would just like to let you now how much I respect you as an actor and wish you all the best in upcoming episodes of the vampire diaries! I have infact, sent you a fan mail letter, which I am not sure you will get as I live in England and ive never been great at sending letters ;(

Thankyou so much for your time, it's been a pleasure to watch your character evolve on screen, from lost to the VD, you'll always be best in my books!
Yours sincerley,
Laura Eve - from the mother country. (Twitter - gaga_obsession)


Just a little poem I wrote for you:

The vampire's bite

The moon rises from it's abode of exstacy,
filling the world with dread,
As the city's light's go off,
the vampire's rise from their beds.

Skin like velvet snow
eyes like rabid fire,
little did she know,
they are the best liars.

the cool touch of a hand,
as he caresses her every thought,
he gets ready to bite,
the girl has been caught.

There's nothing she can do,
Nothing she can say,
Noone is safe,
When vampire's come out to play.

He leads her into the forest,
Where noone can hear her scream,
he prepares himself mentally,
To make her his vampiric queen.

Inspired by @iansomerhalder

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