This is what I wrote to Conservative HQ regarding @bloggerheads :

I am writing to share my disgust at the letter written to Tim Ireland by Mid-Beds Conservative chairman Andy Rayment, as featured in today's Beds on Sunday. I believe Mr Ireland is an intellegent individual who seeks to right wrongs, not stalk MPs! A quick look at his blog will prove me right on that.

For Mr Rayment to accuse Mr Ireland of being a "nutter" is extremely irresponsibe and I would have thought not fitting for man of his high office.

I expect Mr Ireland to be issued a front page apology for this insult and trust that you will take measures to remove him from office.

I am a constituent of Mid Beds and Vice Chair of the Luton & Mid Beds Co-Operative Party and Blogger for the Mid Beds CLP. I attended the hustings where Ms Dorries made very vocal accusations about Mr Ireland in full view of the entire audience. No apology for her outrageous smears has ever been made. Again, this is something I expect you to investigate.

I look forward to your reply. Regards

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