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26th Sep 2010 from Twitlonger

New Kristen sighting in Arizona:

"Just saw Kristin Stewart at Stringray Sushi Bar :) haha!!
11 hours ago

It is amazinggg!! OMG! AMAZZIINNNGGGGG!! Better than anything I've had in Tuson. It actually was a close call to Sushi places Ive had in California.
11 hours ago

no. But i smiled at her and she smiled back! haha (:
I didnt want to interupt her cause her waitress already went in the back and screamed and it was obvious and she was wearing a shirt that said Get Off My DIck.
so yeahhh
6 hours ago

haha (: yeaaahhh she bought ssooo much sushi.
6 hours ago

haha. yeahhh.
and I think she owns a house here. and it looked like she was with a family member or just a guy that looked related to her.
6 hours ago"

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