I have had a wonderful day of helping people rebuild their lives, so happy! Then I come home to a very disappointing @ENews story FULL of lies. Just because someone says it's true, it's not. AND what usually is a reputable news outlet is no longer in my book. The accusations in the article are disturbing and wrong. Honestly one of the most disturbing articles yet. You would think someone like @ENews would do some serious fact checking. I'm so disturbed by how they handled this and how the party involved, once again can get away with fabricating 90% of a story. The truth in this is that Mason slipped and fell on WATER in our house. That's the ONLY truth. If the story was researched properly, this "story" would have never been written. I wish nothing but peace for this situation and it seems to be far off if lies like this continue. My heart and mind are open and so is Eddie and my communication whenever needed if only it could be civil. I'm usually silent when it comes to these articles, but this crosses the line.

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