Delaney · @delaneyg84

15th Sep 2010 from Twitlonger

LOL Oh man. Luvs, u peeps decorated a Christmas tree entirely with cut-outs of Rob's faces, blow up images of his crotch to get the accurate size of his "you know" and "If Kristen ever showed up in NYC for the Remember Me premiere we will throw tomatoes at her"... and now you feel betrayed that he visited Kristen in NOLA and Montreal and are "disappointed" in him? Whatever the hell you are smoking, I want some. Who the hell are you people? I think your families would like you to come back from the dark side into the land of the sane and rational. Why can't you be happy that he is happy? I just don't get that. Why not just leave it alone? If you would like to come after me as your new "cause" (which it seems like that is the case) then fine, but give it a fucking rest already.

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