Yvonne · @Suhana2000

15th Sep 2010 from Twitlonger

I got an reply to my email for OSCAR nomination, here:

Rest assured that MY NAME IS KHAN has been submitted for consideration for the 83rd Academy Awards.

As such, Shahrukh Khan and the rest of the cast will be listed in the Academy’s Reminder List of Eligible Releases at the end of the year, and each individual Academy member in the Acting branch will be able to select any of the listed names as a prospective acting nominee.
The five acting achievements which receive the most votes in each category become the nominees.
There is no one person to whom a petition might be sent, as these decisions are made by secret balloting of thousands of Acting Branch members.
While some people place advertisements in the Hollywood trade papers asking for consideration, we do not advise anyone spending any money this way.

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