First of all, let me start by saying this.. I do NOT support an unethical breeding operation or a REAL "puppy mill" as breeders are refered to by the ASPCA HSUS and rescue groups. I do however believe it it our "God given and constitutionally guaranteed" right to farm and raise animals under sanitary conditions. I also believe that, this generation of American people have not had to work on a farm, nor do they know the enormous time, hard work and sacrifice that the American farmer toils through nearly 365 days a year in good, bad or torrent weather to feed the 320,000,000 and growing population of this country.. If they did, it wouldnt be so easy to complain. American people of this generation, have no first hand knowledge of the hard work and tremendous daily strength that it takes to put fresh meat and vegetables on their tables and to fill our markets with uncountable goods. No one seems to be thankful anymore. They only want to complain about "how it is done" without thinking or having any first hand knowlege of the great sacrifice that these farmers make to keep edible meat and other products on their table. I am afraid, that in the end, this will be the real down fall of our society as a whole.. After all, a country that doesn't work, don't eat.. When hard times come, people who don't know how to farm and feed their own families, will be in peril. We grumble, complain and are becoming increasingly immoral and uncaring about our neighbors. We have put in place so many laws "regulating" the farming industry that we gave put our own food source in peril. This country is loosing more and more of its farming industry every year. If we can't feed our own people, to whom will we run in times of war and famine after we have driven whats left of the American farming industry into the ground? Sometimes when we complain enough, God will give us what we ask for. Sometimes he will allow us to have things that we ask for even when its not good for us.. I hope this country doesn't wait too late to learn that lesson.
It was recently brought to my attention that some of you are supporting a Puppy/Animal breeder rights bill being backed and pushed "primarily" by the ASPCA and its counterparts. I partially agree with several aspects of the bill but personally do not agree with the motivation behind it.. I believe that most of these "bills and laws" backed by the ASPCA and HSUS do nothing more than give these NATIONAL "rescue groups" the freedom to prey on individuals, farmers, small scale rescuers and animal lovers alike. The HSUS ASPCA PETA and other groups present us with these "online forms/ petitions" to sign, that give them the right to set new laws into motion. People blindly sign these petitions not knowing what the true outcome will be. In many cases, the petition that they sign is offers only a "glimpse of what the final version of these "laws" become. Most people that support these groups never realize that most of these laws/petitions that they help the ASPCA PETA HSUS and other groups put into motion do not just have an enormous toll on breeders and farmers but they also greatly inhibit their own rights as pet owners. Most of these laws are never passed in the "orginal form". What these "petitions" do is allow the HSUS ASPCA and PETA to get a "foot hold" into making major changes in your state laws.. These laws don't just "regulate" breeders and farms, many of them also infringe on YOUR individual rights as a pet owner. These laws, allow the government, the HSUS ASPCA PETA and other rescue groups more and more access to your property and take way your constitutionally guaranteed rights to own animals or farm. These "laws" are not designed to stop cruelty. They are designed to give you little to no recourse in the event that one of these groups deem it necessary to enter your property and seize your animals. Look at Ohio for example. HSUS used one of these petitions to "black mail the state into accepting and instigating a whole new set of "laws" in that state. This petition was signed by thousands of you, who had no real idea of the final outcome.. Ohion residents, you need to go back and look at the final version of this "petition" that you signed. The end result was NOTHING like the original petition that you signed. The final law didn't just put into place for new "humane legislation for farmers", that new law also took away your rights of protection and gave HSUS and "rescue groups" almost COMPLETE UNCONTESTABLE ACCESS to your property. You did not just "sign" inflict new laws on farmers. Everytime you sign one of these "petitions", you are chipping away at farmers finances making it almost impossible for some farms to continue to operate. This is exacty what these vegan headed groups want. These law and"rescue groups" such as PETA HSUS and ASPCA can get an unwary judge to give them access/grant these groups a "search warrant" based on nearly any complaint under these new guidelines which are both unconstitutional and biased against farming as a whole. These three groups have helped to pass laws that allow THEM, backed by YOUR local, state and federal law enforcement an almost "lawful like" status.
Also note..HSUS now employs twenty five attornies. What ETHICAL "RESCUE GROUP" would have a NEED for TWENTY FIVE ATTORNIES if they weren't doing SOMETHING WRONG!. I tell you why they need them, because they are using this string of HIGH SALARIED ATTORNIES to CONSTANTLY and CONTINUALLY plague OUR STATES and government with "petitions" to change the laws in our states.. They use this string of ATTORNIES to manipulate the general public with these petitions that later are COMPLETELY changed from their original form when they become law. They keep OUR STATES and LOCAL GOVERMENT tied up with law suits and petitions that cost YOU and ME, the tax payer millions upon millions of dollars year after year when WE , and our local and state goverments have to fight off their PREDATORY LAWS and tactics.. They sue our states , petition our government, use tens of MILLIONS of dollars of our donation money to LOBBY YEAR AFTER YEAR...Dont believe me? Look up their tax records if you don't believe me.. Out of a near $200 MILLION dollars a year in donations, in I believe it was 08 or 09, HSUS listed on their tax records "LOBBYING and OVERHEAD in EXCESS OF NINTY NINE MILLION DOLLARS in ONE YEAR! You can call this ANIMAL RESCUE if you want, I call it a WASTE of doners money.. Its one thing to spend a DECENT amount of money on animal rights laws, attornies and expenditures, but seriously.. THAT amount is nothing less than RIDICULOUS! There are an estimated 4-6???MILLION dogs and cats dying in city pounds and shelters every year MOSTLY due to lack of basic resources. I bet THAT greased a lot of NEPOTISTIC LEGISLATORS POCKETS! You don't really think that HSUS needs twenty five lawyers to LEGITIMATELY shut down PUPPY MILLS DO YOU? Do you see why when these groups like the HSUS ASPCA and PETA raid HOARDERS, breeders, farmers and other rescue groups that they cant protect themselves from these groups? WHO COULD AFFORD TOO? When the law allows these groups to go onto private property, gather evidence, film, seize these peoples property, have them sign away their rights during the process while profiting BILLIONS of dollars off of commericalizing these raids and then the law has the AUDACITY to allow the HSUS , ASPCA and these other "rescue groups" to testify against those same people, there is SOMETHING SERIOUSLY UNETHCIAL and CRIMINAL in this whole process.. These are not "rescue groups". These are large corporations who run rescue groups for profit.. No ETHICAL rescue group would have the need to employ 25 full time attornies.. Only a CORPORATION who is "riding the edge" of what is legal and ethical would need to employ that number of attornies.
The HSUS is NOT my Humane Society, nor is the ASPCA or PETA. None of these groups should have the ability nor legal jurisdiction to dictate to MY local financially strapped rescue group, citizens of my state, or to me personally, how we should care for our animals. Again, Look at what happened recently in Ohio. The financially strapped state put up little to no fight against this group. Primarily because they knew that in their present economic position, that the fight would financially be too costly for the state and tax payers. Instead they chose to "cave" in and allow the HSUS and their coherts to black mail the state of Ohio and legislators into signing what I refer to as a "compromise bill". The citizens of this state are now "easy access prey" for the HSUS, ASPCA , PETA and other predatory "animal rights" groups.
Anyone who would take the time to really sit down and look at the laws and bills presented to the government by these groups could plainly see that these laws are not designed to help animal lovers and farmers. These laws are designed to give the ASPCA , HSUS and the "law" the ability to prey on individuals. These laws offer very little to no constitutional protection for any individual or group but the ASPCA and HSUS while they roam freely from state to state committing "predatory" acts. Anyone who opposes these groups or does not agree with the HSUS, ASPCA , PETA and these other MONSTER sized "rescue groups" agendas, seemingly become their prey. For the most part these HSUS and ASPCA dictated laws do NOTHING more than protect the ASPCA and HSUS from repercussions when they "prey" on unwary people who in most situations are financially and legally unable to "properly defend" themselves against these predatory groups. In many cases when HSUS and ASPCA are allowed by "law" to take peoples animals and property, they are also allowed to "dispose" or "euthanize" any or all of the animals at will. In many instances, this is exactly what has happened..
I guess the real question would be this. WHERE IS THE FEDERAL OVERSITE that regulates and oversees the actions of these MULTI-HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR ASSET "NON-PROFIT" CORPORATIONS like HSUS, ASPCA AND PETA who spend the US DONATING CITIZENS hundreds of millions of dollars a year on things like HSUS does with their $20,000,000.000 BUCKS IN PENSION FUNDS, $50,000,000.00 IN STOCK HOLDINGS, NEAR $160,000,000.00 DOLLARS IN REALESTATE/COMPANY OWNERSHIP HOLDINGS.. Or like the ASPCA who pays their CEO EDWIN SAYRE AN ASTOUNDING $490,000.00-$536,000.00 BUCKS A YEAR and holds TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars in realestate.. Or PETA, who CONTINUALLY uses DONATING PATRONS money to buy STOCK IN COMPANIES LIKE TYSONS CHICKEN trying to BUY this farming business out of existence... OR HSUS and ASPCA for example when THEY and the LOCAL LAW go in and close down Animal rescue groups, or people who THEY call hoarders who are doing EVERYTHING THEY CAN IN THEIR COMMUNITIES with what little they have to save or house as many animals as they can until they can home them..
WHERE IS THE FEDERAL OVERSITE that regulates the HSUS ASPCA PETAS ability to SEIZE PEOPLES ANIMALS IN RAIDS while lying to the public telling US that they are saving these puppy mill raid dogs and then they turn around and many of them are euthanize while continually prosecuting these individuals for cruelty.. THAT my US PRESIDENT, SENATOR, REPRESENTATIVE and OTHER GOVERNMENT OFFICAL, is the MOST INHUMANE CRUELTY OF ALL! These groups sitting on hundreds of millions of dollar in assets while POOR people and NEAR BROKE rescue groups have nothing yet continue to TRY to do all they can. Then the LAW allows these MONEY MONGERING MONSTERS to come in and prosecute these people who have no ability in most cases to financially or legally defend themselves, from these MONSTORS who are NOT EVEN A UNITED STATES GOVERMENT OR STATE ENTITY.. They are NOTHING but MONSTER sized "RESCUE EUTHANIZERS" that have plagued this country for decades while profiting BILLIONS of dollars.. They have ran RAMPANT from state to state, within and outside of United States borders sucking up BILLIONS of dollars in donation money off of the sympathy of the American people while claiming to be HELPING these people. A GREAT example of this is here ... This NEW BORN rescue group of 5 years, people trying to do all that they could because they had NO GOVERNMENT HELP.. LOCAL STATE OR FEDERAL.. They were doing everything they could trying to help these animals.. Then their OFFICALS, backed by the HSUS come in and take all of the animals.. Read the article. In it it states that THEY THEN DEBATE the issue of whether to PROSECUTE the people in this rescue group!..
ARE THEY INSANE? IS OUR LAW INSANE? Where was the HSUS when THIS group could have used some of that $100-200 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR that the HSUS SUCKS UP YEAR AFTER YEAR while OUR COMMUNITY SHELTERS ARE GOING BROKE.. If the HSUS or ASPCA who does the same thing had ONE DECENT BONE in their body, they would have gone in and helped to BUILD THIS RESCUE GROUP UP.. They would have helped this shelter to stand on their OWN feet.. Thats what a REAL, ETHICAL, HUMANE rescue group would have done.. They would have done so, so that these well intentioned, economically deficient people of this community, could have continued to make a difference.. Who will be there to help this community now? Who, after this blatent DEFAMATION of this groups character will WANT to help this group now.. Now that they have been slandered, defamed, stripped of their dignity and moral chararacter? Who in the HELL can call this anything but BLATENT ANARCHY on the part of a "RESCUE GROUP"... By whose LEGAL authority are these PRIVATE groups allowed to come in and act in a JUDICIAL capacity , PROFIT BILLIONS of dollars off of these escapades, and then have the AUDACITY to want to PROSECUTE upstanding citizens who are infact DOING THEIR LOCAL GOVERMENTS JOB!
Another example, Did ANY of you even take the time to read the AFTERMATH of what has happened finanically with MOST of the money that the HSUS sucked out of donors in the name of "KATRINA ANIMAL RESCUE".. The HSUS took in a near 34 MILLION dollars in the name of KATRINA RESCUE ANIMALS.. Money that NO DOUBT THOUGHT was going to the state of Lousiana Animal rescue.. Did ANY OF YOU READ THIS? The HSUS used APPROXIMATELY 7 MILLION dollars of this 34 Million bucks in the state of Lousiana for rescue. They KEPT the other near 27 MILLION.. The state of Lousiana and the GOVERNORS office had to SUE the HSUS just to get ONE ANIMAL SHELTER BUILT WITH ALL THAT MONEY.. You are trying to tell me that this is NOT FRAUD? When hundreds of thousands of people donated IN THE NAME OF KATRINA ANIMAL RESCUE and then the HSUS had the audacity to keep MOST of that money when the state of Lousiana no doubt was financailly strapped from this disastor.. Then this PREDATOR comes in and STEALS 27 MILLION dollars (HSUS STATS LOOK THEM UP) of money that in all reality BELONGS TO THE STATE OF LOUSIANA..
How DO we EQUALLY protect ourselves against these groups who have hundreds of millions of dollars in assets when most of us, upon whom they prey, have only minimal incomes and assets that in most cases only allow us the most the very BASICS of legal representation against the MONSTERS who have almost DICTATED INTO LAW, what OUR laws should say? Nearly every "pertinent" animal law that has been written into FEDERAL legislation, has either directly or indirectly been the handiwork of at least ONE of these groups. Laws motivated by greed, hidden agendas, monetary gain and SELF PROTECTION.. NONE of these laws, STATE OR FEDERAL, seem to have ANY real protection written into them that would provide for EQUAL and COMPETENT representation for EVERYONE on BOTH sides of this "argument". We ALL know why. Because the HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR A YEAR ASPCA, HSUS, PETA and other monster "rescue groups" are the ones DRIVING these laws down OUR throats! Their -MILLIONS of dollars in "lobbying" have quite APPARENTLY reached the RIGHT pockets in our GOVERNING BODY!
Have you ever been to a farm? Have you ever seen what HAS to be done on a daily basis to keep "steak on your plate"? I doubt that most of you have. Just as I doubt that 99 percent of the present day population of this country as a whole hasn't either. People seem to think that their "steak" was born in sanitary styrofoam packaging. They don't understand what it takes to care for animals 365 days a year. They don't know the strength and character that it takes to "do the dirty deed" that it takes to put meat on your table. The cold reality of it is, it IS an ugly sight, but it is ALSO a necessity of life if you want to eat meat. The site of slaughter isn't any "prettier" today as it was for our parents who had to farm out of necessity just a generation ago. Its hard to explain that necessity to the general public, but the truth of the matter is, a LOT of people in this country would starve to death if they had to "kill" animals or farm for themselves.. These same people are the people who don't understand the character and strength of the farmer who has to work near endless hours day in and day out to feed them while the publci continually complained about "how its done" nor apparently do they realize the expense and economic impact that it has on the farming industry as a whole everytime they ASPCA PETA OR HSUS using trickery, help "pass" one of these new laws that require more and more goverment legislation and oversite. Somehow they seem to ONLY listen to rhetoric and lies mainly driven by groups like the HSUS and ASPCA who have much to gain monetarily.
How in the world can two or three groups of VOLUNTEER ANIMAL RESCUE groups have such authority and "pull" in our states in federal goverments law assemblies that they can seemingly dictate into law their "newly THOUGHT UP" rhetoric at will? Even more importantly, How does the United States goverment and OUR legislators allow this to keep happening over and over, without seemingly EVER realizing the real impact it is having on our farming industry as a whole? Comparatively, I have spent a short time researching these groups, their tactics, their illict spending habits, holding, unGodly salaries paid with donation money, financials, UNBELIEVABLE realestate holdings and FUTURE EXPANSION PLANS, and with LITTLE effort, I have seen the handi-work of greed and deceptive practices rampant in their raid and donation tactics.. How can you NOT see it? Do you not WANT to? Do you not care as long as YOU don't have to deal with this problem personally.. Or even more importantly, DO YOU NOT EVEN CARE that these groups suck up BILLIONS of dollars of money that OUR COMMUNITY SHELTERS need so direly to help stop some of the mass euthanization taking place EVERY DAY almost hidden from the general public. Most people have NO IDEA at all how many tens of millions of dogs and cats have been killed by our RESCUE groups in this country.. Rescue groups who take in BILLIONS of dollars year after year.. Billions that NO DOUBT could have saved hundreds of millions of dogs and cats over the last decades and century had it been spent properly.
The ASPCA and HSUS both take in over $100,000,000.00 dollars a year ALONE.. PETA is right up there.. Other LARGE groups close behind.. According to my research, we, THE UNITED STATES, spend between ONE AND TWO BILLION dollars a year euthanizing animals in this country.. Doesn't the mere thought of that make you sick? Doesn't it nauseate you enough to make you want to hold SOMEONE responsible for where all of that money is going? You can't seriously tell me that you think that with THOSE amounts of money,(not counting the UNCOUNTABLE OTHER BILLIONS), with THAT MUCH MONEY that we cannot put a LEGITIMATE SPAY AND NEUTER program into place to start saving some of the 4-12 MILLION dogs and cats that we kill in this country every year..YOU REALLY don't think with THAT kind of money we CANT save the greater portion of these animals? You should research San Antonio Texas and several other major cities to see how GREATLY NO KILL POLICY HAS BEEN ACCEPTED BY THE PUBLIC THERE... You would be AMAZED if you take the time to do a little research...
I was raised in the South, my parents grew up on farms and my grandparents were farmers.. These farmers and breeders were then and are today, the very same people who have continually and relentlessly through famine and war held out while at times barely feeding their own families, to keep this countries farming, meat, poultry and other viable industries afloat.. The ASPCA, HSUS and other groups of their type have "bunched the good" with the bad for so long that the people of this nation don't seem to possess their any sense of what humane IS any longer. The ASPCA, HSUS and other groups like them have done irreparable damage and scarred the farming industry with continual defamation stating things like "breeders and farmers" deprive their animals of the basic necessities. Things such as basic food and water.
Don't get me wrong, Im sure there are SOME bad apples in ANY industry, JUST AS THESE these MONSTER euthaninzing rescue groups have grown beyond any "apparent reproach", but common sesnse would dictate that the economically intelligent farmer would NOT intentionally deprive their "stock" of the basic necessities of life.. Think for a moment, what would be the benefit in that? Why would a farmer, animal breeder INTENTIONALLY deprive cattle , stock, or DOGS for that matter of basic water and necessities when their livelyhood depends on the health of the animal? Yet, the ASPCA, HSUS and other groups have continually for years portrayed the farming industry as a whole as heartless animal torturing deviants.
Don't you/they realize that these same people are the same people that have provided them and their FAMILIES with the basic necessities of life in some cases for centuries. You can't "mill" all farmers together and continually slander them, continually make laws that harm the industry as a whole, while perpetrating "lies" that are NOT reality. The reality is, there ARE some uncaring people in ANY industry.. Just as in economics and politics. It becomes more apparent every day that there ARE bad apples in Washington who take bribes, committ acts of "adultry" and all other sorts of illicit acts, but I cant hold YOU as a whole accountable for the actions of the few because of their incompetence, nor should the farming industry as a whole have to continually have to put up with the illegal "raid" and defamatory tactics of the PET industry.. You certainly can't set one standard for one sector of "farming" that doesn't set the same liabilities and standards as a whole for all sectors of farming, or you would be infringing on SOMEONES rights of "equality".
Have you even LOOKED at the forms that the ASPCA, HSUS and many of these groups that follow their "lead" ALMOST BLACKMAIL "breeders" who become the victims of these raids into signing when the ASPCA and HSUS RAID THEIR FARMS? These "FORMS" that they "entice" their "prey" into signing give the ASPCA and HSUS LEGAL RIGHT TO SEIZE ANY AND ALL ANIMALS ON YOUR PROPERTY/KILL THEM AT THEIR DISCRETION. These ASPCA AND HSUS "forms" also BLACKMAIL their "prey" into relinquishing the victims or any member of their families "UNITED STATES CONSTITUTIONAL GIVEN RIGHT" to financilly or legally RETAILATE to try and get their animals back once they get legal advice.. They do nothing but allow these PREDATORS catch their "PREY" off guard when they do not know how to protect themselves in the middle of this happening to them, so in MOST cases, the victim relinquishes their rights to any and all of their animals BEFORE THEY EVEN HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY to even consult with legal counsel.. By the time they do, The ASPCA , HSUS and these other predatory groups have taken their animals, euthanize them, adopted many of them out for FEES and made MILLIONS off of their new "life saving puppy mill raid ads".. And to think, its all neatly packaged, it leaves the individual with NO GOD GIVEN OR LEGAL RIGHTS afterwards to protect themselves. They just signed ALL of their rights away and have become the next ASPCA and HSUS PUPPY MILL RAID COMMERICAL.. If you can't see their illegality and irony in this act, then you are NOT the protector of your VOTING CITIZEN. How can you be when you allow these kind of laws? How can you be when you allow these type of predatory acts to be committed against people when they are at the time of these "raids" so afraid and upset, that they sign away their legal rights to even protect themselves and their property? If these were legitimate raids, the ASPCA and HSUS would'nt have to succumb to using "predatory tactics" that take away citizens rights during the commission of these raids. They would be helping these people, NOT BLACKMAILING THEM into signing away their property and CONSTITUTIONAL GIVEN RIGHTS BEFORE THEY EVEN RECEIVE LEGAL COUNSEL! I wonder how many thousands of UNITED STATES CITIZENS have signed away that right while being "arrested" under the supervison of these RESCUE GROUPS?!
So What about OUR rights to be protected from these "euthaninzing groups" while you continue to back them and "their laws" that allow them to seize our animals and kill them for "any reason" THEY deem necessary? What about MY/OUR constitutional rights, when you allow these "NON GOVERNMENT" "rescue groups" to take peoples animals and kill them just because THEY don't think that MY animal is worthy of their efforts? They take peoples animals under the guise of rescue proclaiming themselves to be the saviors of these animals, then in MANY cases, they euthanize a LOT of them.. You, as our representatives, should have the ability to see the lack of integrity and the legal problems that CAN AND SHOULD arise during these raid scenarios if the HSUS and ASPCA weren't, in the midst of these raids, BLACKMAILING people into signing away ALL OF THEIR CONSTITUTIONALLY GUARANTEED RIGHTS to OWN property that leave them "legally naked" after the HSUS and ASPCA, backed by the law, them almost black mail them into signing away ALL of their rights to having any ability to defend themselves or get their property back afterwards! You and I BOTH know that IF this is legal, IT SHOULD NOT BE! You, the U.S. Govenment have just stripped your OWN PEOPLE of their LEGAL AND MORAL right to properly defend themselves.
Maybe I could understand it, if the LAW ALONE was doing this, but these groups are NOT the law. These are PRIVATE groups who are being allowed by the UNITED STATES GOVERMENT to run rampant on private property. They are allowed to "gather evidence, seize peoples property/ animals, allowing citizens to sign away their constitutional rights to their property and self protection, all being while these groups film the raids. Then they are allowed to tesify against THEIR victim, all while PROFITING HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS YEARLY off of PUPPY MILL RAID COMMERICALIZATION. That my friends, is just wrong!.. ETHICALLY, MORALLY and LEGALLY WRONG! One "victim" told me that the ASPCA and local law "raided her kennels, the law allowed the ASPCA to come in first, they "looked around for the worst looking animals" set the cameras up, then showed then started filming the "raid in action". She said that a person working for the ASPCA then "instructed the local "DISTRICT ATTORNEY" to call the NEWS CREWS.. It must be true, have you watched any of these "raid films".. They look like they are a "script scene" from the T.V. show cops. They show these ASPCA and LAW 'sneaking up through the woods, they show the ASPCA and LAW coming into the buildings.. They show the law and ASPCA picking up the "sickliest" of the animals.. Do you think these cameras were ALREADY ON THE SITE?. They set up their cameras so they can COMMERICALIZE these raids.. It works out WELL for them don't you think? After all, the public has donated BILLIONS of dollars to the ASPCA and HSUS over the years based of these raids.. Stinks of a rat to me!
If the ASPCA, PETA , HSUS or any other "rescue groups" like them that you allow to seize our animals don't have the deceny to care for, rehabilitate and home the animals that they take from individuals, they have no LEGAL, MORAL or other right to take that persons animals away. How can the law even allow this to be happening? They steal someones animals under the guise of a "rescue group" backed by local, state and federal law enforcement. OUR local law, the same law group that is supposed to protect ME, the citizen, and then turn around take our animals and kill them? There is no way in Hell these raids can be legal. If the law allows a group like this who in most cases are not even residents of the state where they are "raiding" to take peoples dogs and kill them while making BILLIONS of dollars promoting themselves as "puppy mill saviors", then our laws have become marred and tarnished by thoughless politicians who have allowed these groups like the ASPCA, HSUS and others to push their agendas through our states without having properly investigated the repercussions of what many of the laws will have on legitimate farms and breeders. You people apparently have failed to realize what the outcome of the passing of many of these laws is doing economically to our farmers.
Have you State Senators and Representatives, governors, OBAMA other ELECTED officals ever actually "checked out" the "blackmail" type tactics that these groups use during the course of one of these ASPCA or HSUS raids? Have you ever actually read the documents that the HSUS and ASPCA "PROVIDE" for the "LAW" to use that absolves the ASPCA and HSUS of any repercussions and REQUIRES the victim of their "legal raids" to relinquish their rights to any legal remedy against these predatory groups? If you haven't you should REALLY check out what happens. Let me say this, This form allows the ASPCA HSUS and other rescue groups that "prey" on "PUPPY MILLS AND HOARDERS (HSUS AND ASPCA TERM) or as I call them BREEDERS AND ANIMAL LOVERS!.. You see, it IS blackmail. The way the laws are written, you really have no choice but to sign this form.. If you don't sign this form allowing HSUS and ASPCA to seize your property/animals, the other choice legally can be worse. From my research, due to many of these "animal seizure/abused animal laws", If you dont sign this form your dogs or other animals can be seized by the state. If you go this route the judge is them "legally permitted" by state law to order that your animals be "disposed of". The judge can also order that you pay any and all expenses for the UNINVITED housing/feeding/health care while in their possession. In the event that you are not financially able to pay this expense, the law then is LEGALLY allowed to place leans on and seize any and all of your property to pay these expenses.. WE ALL KNOW that in most cases, these people are not financally able DURING THIS ASSAULT to AFFORD the EXTRAORDINARY fees and other cost related to housing large numbers of animals. During this time, most people have to mortgage their home and other properly to defend themselves.. Thus, in most of these situations, due to the inability to hire PROPER AND CAPABLE counsel to defend themselves, there is NO WAY IN HELL they can afford to pay for SOMEONE ELSE to home their animals at these extraordinary rates! The LAW knows this, and THE ASPCA KNOWS THIS ALSO.. THATS WHY IT IS BLACKMAIL.. They know that nearly ALWAYS these people financially cannot afford to defend themselves muchless pay these "cost", so in all reality the VICTIM has no CHOICE BUT TO SIGN THEIR PROPERTY AWAY to the ASPCA.. Then the ASPCA and HSUS nearly ALWAYS send these MANY or ALL of these animals to large city shelters like the ATLANTA HS, CHICAGO HS or other HIGH RATE EUTHANINZING SHELTERS.. What choice does the victim have at this point? They either sign their animals over to the ASPCA to absolve themselves of these cost, or they sign them over to the local law enforcement who in MOST cases cannot afford to house, home and feed them during this time period and in MOST cases the animals are turned over to the system.. EITHER WAY, these people loose their animals and in most cases many or all of them are euthanized.. You dont call that BLACKMAIL? There is NOWAY in hell this tactic guarantees the animal lover ANY recourse at all.. In most cases, they end up signing away their animals to the ASPCA or HSUS. On that same document they also sign away their rights to hold the ASPCA and HSUS financially responsible for their actions.. ALL BEFORE THEY EVEN HAVE LEGAL COUNSEL.. Do you REALLY think this process is ethical.. GOD KNOWS, IT SHOULD NOT BE LEGAL! If it is, then OUR law provides WE THE PEOPLE NO PROTECTION as provided for and guaranteed to us by the writers of OUR UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION!
Addressing the topic of animal rescue.. You may THINK that HSUS ASPCA and PETA do not euthanize healthy animals, but that is true only because these groups do not care for "any or most" of their own puppy mill raid animals. They may not do the killing personally, but the real truth is that these animals are being "slaughtered" as a result of HSUS and ASPCAS Puppy Mill raids. Many of their "hoarder and puppy mill raid dogs" are sent to "partner" rescue groups after the raids. Places such as Atlanta H.S which is where the ASPCA sends MANY of their animals. H.S.U.S does the same thing. This is a VERY deceptive practice being perpetrated upon the American donating public. ASPCA and HSUS leads us to believe that they are saving these animals when the reality of it is, it simply isn't true.. How can it then be legal that they take an individuals animals, charge them with cruelty, and they have the audacity to allow the euthanazation of an animal they just took from someone else because ASPCA HSUS and these "rescue" groups CLAIMED that they were being abused? YOU may not think so, but "I" think that when you take a mans animals/property and you slander his reputation claiming he is abusive to an animal, and in that process you publicize/televise the event as an advertisement to "prey on the publics sympathy" to get them to donate, while saying you are "saving puppy mill dogs" you have a LEGAL, MORAL and ETHICAL DUTY to ensure that every damn one of those animals are properly cared for and put in a good home.. If you are not willing to do that, then you SHOULD NOT LEGALLY BE ALLOWED TO TAKE THEM.. ITS WRONG! No matter HOW you look at it.
. PETA is another ball game all together.. I'm sure you have taken the time to look up their kill stats by now if you are sponsering a bill that is supposed to help create laws for the "ethical, humane treatment of animals". If you haven't researched the HSUS and ASPCAS "raid and dump kill statistics coverup scheme" or the PETA Kill rates (85-97% kill rate of dogs and cats EVERY YR).. They you really shouldn't be sponsoring ANYTHING sponsered by these groups with their hidden agendas UNTIL YOU LAUNCH A FULL INVESTIGATION OF THEIR DONATION TACTICS to see how these laws are not just limiting OUR civil rights, but are FINANCIALLY BENEFITING these rescue groups while making their "crusades" to persecute people they call "puppy mill owners and hoarders" while in all reality, these laws are doing nothing more but making it easier for these groups to seize these farmers and individuals property and dispose of it at will while they are profiting BILLIONS of dollars for their efforts.. Thats why I am sending EVERY U.S. Senator, Representative, Governor and offical that I can find an address for, a copy of this letter. You people really are letting the donating public of this country down by not making these groups account for where and what they are spending our hundreds of millions of dollars a year in donation money on.. Have you looked in to their realestate holdings, financials, pension plans, CEO SALARIES like ASPCA PAYS EDWIN SAYRE OF THE ASPCA A WHOPPING AVERAGE OF $500,000.00 BUCKS A YEAR? YOU don't see ANYTHING wrong with that when they are using our donation money for nearly EVERYTHING BUT WHAT WE THINK THEY ARE USING IT FOR? There are an estimated 4 -12 MILLION dogs and cats being KILLED in our community shelters from the mere LACK of financial resources to house them long enough to home them.. The ASPCA PETA HSUS and other national "RESCUE GROUPS" that are misleading the public into think that they are helping these shelters have over the decades, sucked up BILLIONS of dollars needed DIRELY in our community shelters.. Think for a moment.. ASPCA , PETA and HSUS , just these three groups alone, have WELL OVER one half BILLION dollars in assets, pensions, stock holding, and HUNDREDS of millions of dollars in donation money on a yearly basis at their disposal.. Can you even IMAGINE how many of the 4-12 MILLION (depending on the source) of DOGS AND CATS that we EUTHANIZE for more lack of resources COULD have been saved in the last 55 years of HSUS existence, ASPCA since 1866?... MY GOD!.. If that money had gone to community shelters over the last decades, we probably wouldnt even have a cat and dog over population problem.. I don't know about the shelters in your community, but most of the shelters near my area have to euthanize anywhere from a low 50 up to 70,80,90 PERCENT sometimes.. JUST FOR MERE LACK OF RESOURCES in most cases.. Just because they didn't have a few more dollars to buy dog food and supplies to home the animal long enough to find it home.. That fact in itself is the most sickening to me as an animal lover.. While these greedy groups like HSUS, ASPCA and PETA spend HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of our donation dollars on realestate, pension funds, stock and CEO SALARIES, millions of animals continue to die year after year.. This country SHOULD be ashamed.. EDWIN SAYRE of the ASPCA who is paid $500,000.00 BUCKS A YEAR OUT OF OUR DONATION money should be ashamed.. All of these groups should be investigated for mis-handling BILLIONS of donation dollars meant for rescue.. WE do not donate our last dollar to these groups to buy realestate or pay EDWIN SAYRE $500,000.00 bucks a year.. WE DONATE IT BECAUSE WE THINK that they are going to use that money to help save some of the TENS OF MILLIONS of animals that continue to die, year after year.. IT is FRAUDULENT and PATHETIC that the USGOV has not done its job and has allowed these three groups in particular to run ramapant with our money we DONATE to save animals for decades.
YOU SHOULD REALLY take the time to research these groups like the ASPCA PETA HSUS, Their TOP DOGS/CEOS such as Pachelle of HSUS, ASPCAS President Sayre, PETA leader.. Their "vegan agendas and other unsavory animal rights beliefs. If you take the time, you will notice that several of these top officers of these groups have worked for two or more of these groups. Their agenda is the same. They are out to stop farmers and breeders alike from being able to raise animals. They use tactics like "stop puppy mills" to ensure their agenda, portraying "breeders" as some kind of monstorous dog farmer when in most cases, it simply is not true. The thing is, these laws that they are passing will impact EVERYONE, not just the few and far between, not just the dog "breeders", it will have repercussion in all ANIMAL farming industries.. How can you LEGALLY set a precedent for the "farming" of one kind of animal and not for all kinds of animals? You will have lawsuits pop up from every type farming in the country particularly when you try to make ONE set of laws for breeding dogs that isn't applicable to cats, cows, equine and all other "animal" farming environments. Why doesn't the ASPCA and HSUS try these tactics with the BEEF industry? Because the BEEF industry has the money at their disposal to CRUSH the ASPCA and HSUS and expose them for what they really are! A HOAX!.. ASPCA and HSUS don't go after the groups in any "real" way because they know that people don't "really" care who cows and hogs are treated as long as they get their steak and pork chop CHEAP.. I believe the U.S. Gov feels the same way.. Breeders are the easy target, they have no real protection, HSUS and ASPCA can "freely" promote breeders as "monster puppy mill" animal abusers, and no one really gives a damn because breeders have no real protection, nor the resources to protect their interest in most cases. So as in most cases, the ASPCA and HSUS are allowed by our local law, the people who are supposed to be protecting US, to use any tactic they want to come onto a breeders or "hoarders" property, take their animals, and do what they will with them.. Even though in many cases that may mean thousands of euthanizations.. You can't tell me that you don't see something unethical in this behavior.
In all reality HSUS and ASPCA ARE THE ONES KILLING THESE ANIMALS.. They may not be the ones doing it personally using their "raid and dump" tactic to hide their REAL KILL/ EUTHANIZATION RATES, but they ARE the ones causing the demise of these animals.. IT IS NOTHING LESS THAN A SCAM that HSUS and ASPCA has perpetrated upon the American donating public for years. Don't you think that when the HSUS and ASPCA are allowed onto PRIVATE property acting almost in the capacity of a "LEGAL ENTITY", they steal peoples animals in the name of rescue, dont you think it is their DUTY and OBLIGATION to care for these animals with any and ALL resources at their disposal?
Where are the laws that protect OUR rights? Where are the laws that protect OUR animals from euthanizing "rescue" groups like PETA HSUS and the ASPCA? Where are the laws that regulate these groups? You cant tell me that there are any REAL laws that protect the individual from these groups.. They are virtually non-existent.
You see, ASPCA PETA HSUS and countless other "rescue groups" that coherce the general public into believing things like "its more humane to euthanize" are the REAL problem that drives animal rescue in this country today. These groups use tactics like " how to report an animal abuser" or "how to report a hoarder".. Their tactics are almost EXTREMIST in their endeavor to drive donations. In the last few years, I have watched the tactics of these groups become so extreme in the endeavor to force their "goals and agendas" on people all over this country. These rescue groups tactics have become increasingly unethical if not criminal.
Let me give you a couple of examples in the recent past. Several months back, in the state of Mississippi, there was a "puppy mill raid" where an elderly lady and gentlemans animals were seized. Before I continue, let me say this, I TOO despise a REAL puppy mill as much as the next guy but I also believe that you you cant use illegal and unethical tactics to enforce the law.
I watched the event as it was televised and posted in newspapers. throughout Tennesse, Mississippi, Georgia all the way to New York City where SOME of these animals (advertised on the ASPCAS site as "meet the lucky 34 dogs of the Mississippi Puppy Mill Raid"). In the donation campaign advertisement, the ASPCA failed to mention that there were originally 96 dogs taken in this raid. The ASPCA uses these puppy mill raid commericals to draw sympathy for these dogs, but more than that, these "puppy mill raids" are the bread and butter or lifeline of the HSUS and ASPCA donation campaigns..
What the general public never seemed to realize during this event is that MOST of these animals infact did not make the "grade" or were deemed "worthy" of shipment to New York City ASPCA headquarters to have a chance to be adopted. What gets me is, they show you pictures of the "broken and abused", the worst looking dog that they can find from these puppy mill and hoarding "raids" almost in a fraudulent manner. What I mean by that is, I watched this event unfold. Two days after the raid, the ASPCA shipped 34 of these animals, from what I could see all pure breed Yorkies, Shitzus, dogs that were "mostly likely adoptable, shipped them straight to NYC..Within around a week or so, many of them were already being adopted out. How could these animals been in such bad conditon that these people could be charged with animal cruetly for ONE CHARGE FOR EVERY DOG, and these dogs be adopated within a week to two weeks? Im sorry, but I have a hard time believe that ALL of these animals were abused. Even in the raid commerical that the ASPCA taped, many of those dogs looked to be very friendly and well kempt. Im NOT trying to justify inhumane animal treatment, I AM questioning the process and if the breeder has any real protection from from unlawful antics during this process.
What happened to the other sixty dogs from this Mississippi raid? Has anyone bothered to ask what happened to these other 60? I will tell you. After a little research, I found the truth. The ASPCA sent MANY of these dogs to the Atlanta Humane Society. In case you don't know it, the state of Georgia has the HIGHEST KILL RATES IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.. According to research infact it is stated that "Georgia kills their share of dogs and cats each year as well as the equivilant of two other states".. Why would the ASPCA send these dogs there you ask? The answer to that question is apparent. They send them there because THEY KNOW THAT THEY WILL BE MIXED INTO THE GENERAL POPULATION of these "kill shelters" and no-one will be the wiser or question when, why or how they end up euthanized. HSUS and ASPCA don't have to take "credit" for the kill rates in their deceptive "humane euthanazia rate".
This practice, in my opinon, is nothing less than criminal, deceptive and fraudulent. The HSUS and ASPCA do the same thing. They "raid" these "puppy mills and hoarders", as they refer to them, then they turn around and don't even have the common deceny to care for these animals. How can this be ETHICAL OR LEGAL when they CONTINUALLY make puppy mill commerical after commerical petitioning the general public for donations to "save these puppy mill dogs" and then dont even have the COMMON DECENY to TRY to save them.. How can a rescue group like the ASPCA with their "FLEET" of vets, techs, trainers and countless others continue to get away with this and it be legal? The ASPCA and HSUS both take in an excess of ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS YEARLY in the name of rescue, MOSTLY due to these "puppy mill and hoarder raid" commericals. How can they legally NOT care for these animals? They are the ones who are making the money off of these raids.. THEY are the ones that should be held accountable for saving EVERYONE OF THESE ANIMALS THAT CAN POSSIBLY BE SAVED... Think for a moment.. When the law allows the ASPCA HSUS and other "rescue" groups to go onto private property and "seize" these animals while proclaiming their own "saving graces", aren't they infact telling ME, the general public, that THEY can and WILL take care of these animals "better" than the person from whom they seized them? Does that mean euthanization? My God, I hope not.. Have we REALLY reached the point where animals lives are as valueless as trash in our landfills?
There are an ESTIMATED LOW 4-6 MILLION dogs and cats euthanized in this country every year. The HSUS once posted on their site that they believed this number to be as high as 9.6 MILLION.. Other "university" research suggest that the figure could be as high as 12 MILLION. Whatever the number, it is WAY to high.
My question is this, aren't there more than enough (MILLIONS) of dogs and cats dying in our community shelters without our RESCUE groups like HSUS and ASPCA who have taken in BILLIONS of dollars over the years contributing to that henious number while misleading us and frauding us into believing that they are saving these dogs?
Just how many people do YOU think would have contributed to these groups had they known that the HSUS and ASPCA both were "raiding and dumping" these dogs off on large city euthanizing shelters to coverup the actual kill stats from these "raids"?
The HSUS does not even on a dogs shelter to care for their PUPPY MILL RAID DOGS at all! The ASPCA does commericals all day long showing dogs and puppy mill rescues. In the last HSUS raid, HSUS took over 700 animals from a BREEDER in Tennesse. HSUS didn't care for those animals. Those dogs were distributed to city shelters thoughout the country.. In one Newspaper in Chicago, the shelter administrator stated "we don't need any more HSUS dogs, we already have plenty"! What do you REALLY think that means happened to MANY of these animals? How deceptive is that?
I would like to go a step further because I also have to question the "legality, ethics and circumstances under which these "raids" are carried out. I recently contacted a person who was the "target" of one of these puppy mill raids. This person told me the story of how the "raid" unfolded. This lady stated " the local law " allowed the ASPCA to come onto her private property and "look around" first. This lady stated "the ASPCA went in, looked for the worst looking dogs, set up their cameras" and THEN filmed the "raid" as it unfolded. She also stated that "once the ASPCA "setup" she told the local D.A. to call the News Crews who showed up shortly thereafter. She stated that "they looked in her bedroom, under her beds, in her attic, in her basement and in her refrigerator. I have to question the legality of this whole process.
1 First, How does the law allow a "non-goverment entity", not even a rescue group of that community, onto private property to participate in a raid where a search warrant has been issued without the permission of the resident? THESE ARE NOT GOVENMENT GROUPS! I could understand if they were there to help care for thee animals but they particapate WAY beyond acting in the capacity of an animal "rescue" group.
2. How does the law ETHICALLY allow a "RESCUE" group to "participate" in the gathering of evidence against the accused? In what other legal circumstance when a warrant and search has been issued would this LEGALLY be allowed? The ASPCA is allowed to gather state evidence acting in a "legal" capacity????
3. The ASPCA (ALSO HSUS) are then allowed to setup cameras, film, publicize, televise the event as if it was an ASPCA "legal/media" event.
4. The ASPCA is then allowed to "seize" the animals and do with them what they will. Do you think that when the ASPCA and law convinces the "accused" that they are there to "rescue" these animals that they believe that they ASPCA or HSUS is going to not even care for these animals in many cases?
5. And finally, then the ASPCA is pulled into court as the "key witness" for the prosecution.
Summary: How can an "ethical judge" allow a warrant to be served on an individual under these conditions and sometimes the complainant is even listed in the media as an "anonymous tipster? First the ASCPA is allowed onto private property acting almost in a "judical capacity". They are allowed to gather evidence, take these peoples animals do with them what they will, then film and televise the event while PROFITING HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS on a yearly basis? How can the law ethically allow a group that is profiting hundreds of millions of dollars off of these raids to "gather the evidence and then turn around and tesify against the accused when they just made a TV commerical that no doubt made/generated them MILLIONS of dollars in revenue?
Recently the ASPCA again went to Tennessee. In their last "hoarder raid" ASPCA seized 85 animals. The ASPCA took 12 of the animals, again the bulk of the lot was sent either to Atlanta Humane Society or Nashville H.S. The list goes on and on.. There is no way this whole process could be ethical or legal. Not when these two groups are leading US to believe that they are saving these dogs. Maybe YOU think that the dumping and euthanization of many of these "rescued animals" is humane, but I doubt that they general public would think that it was if they knew the truth about how these raids unfold and where their money is REALLY going.
Also, if you are going to support these groups in their efforts for Humane animal laws, you should take the time to research PETAS kill rates. It won't take five minutes online. All you have to do is type "PETA euthanization rates" into your web browser. I will only say this, Peta has an average "dog and cat" kill rate of around 85-90%. In the last few years that number has reached as high as 97%. In 08 or 09 Peta killed an astounding 2500-2600 cats and dogs while homing ONLY 8 E I G H T ... YES EIGHT.. You want to tell me that there is anything "ethical" about that? Of course theres no REAL way to prove the ACTUAL kill stats that happen as the "aftermath" of the ASPCA and HSUS puppy mill raids, but the truth is evident with a little research.
ASPCA in particular promotes tactics like "how to recognize a hoarder" or "how to report a hoarder".. Don't you think that a rescue group with any real integrity and ethics would promote things like "how to help a hoarder" or " community responsibility".. You want to know why people hoard? This is why! People HOARD because they have no resources in their community in most cases to go to for help. Does that make them criminally neglegent? If so, what does it make the community and government in which they reside as a whole when in most cases THEY DO NOTHING. Why is the "hoarder" then punished for giving a damn?
In most cases, the only recourse that these people have is "animal control".. To whom should a person who does NOT believe in "humane euthanization" and I use that term VERY LOOSELY, go to WHOM should this person go for help?
Someone asked me recently "why dont hoarders ask for help? I will tell you why.. For the very same reason the old gent who was the "victim" of the ASPCAS last hoarder raid didn't ask for help. BECAUSE HE KNEW WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO MOST OF HIS OLD LOVED ANIMALS.. Just like we ALL knew what WOULD and DID happen.. He was AFRAID that HIS ANIMALS would be killed. Let me say this, as long as groups like the ASPCA PETA HSUS and other RESCUE KILL GROUPS continue to thrive and suck up the BILLIONS of dollars so direly needed in our community shelters, there will be MILLIONS of hoarders.. Just because the ASPCA PETA HSUS and other KILL groups have brainwashed half of this country into believing that "its more humane to euthanize" doesnt mean that the rest of us believe it nor do we have to stand for it.. I believe that it is my GOD GIVEN AND LEGAL RIGHT to care of my animals to the best of my ability. I believe that it is my CONSTITUTIONAL AND GOD GIVEN RIGHT to try to save these animals. When my community, city, county, state and federal government takes on THEIR LEGAL, MORAL AND ETHICAL duty and start caring what happens to these animals, THEN AND ONLY THEN do they have the RIGHT to tell me that I CANT at least TRY to care for these animals. If the ASPCA PETA HSUS and these other ANIMAL KILLER RESCUE GROUPS want to FINANCIALLY AND PHYSICALLY care for our "communities" unwanted throwaways, we will GLADY accept their help and be THANKFUL that they have finally taken on their DUTY to these animals.
YOU, the ASPCA PETA HSUS and all these other Kill for money groups may THINK that the people of this country don't give a damn what happens to these animals "after the puppy mill raids", but I beg to differ. I GUARANTEE you WE care.. I GUARANTEE you that if the people in this country knew the TRUTH about what happens to these animals after these raids, they would be outraged! One things for sure I bet you that 95 % of the general population in this country doesn't know that the HSUS dont own a dog shelter or dumps ALL of their dogs off on city euthanizing shelters. I bet they don't know that this is also a common practice with many of the ASPCAS puppy mill raid animals.
I would bet you my home that 90+++ percent of the people in this country are misinformed because of the ASPCA and HSUS commerical antics as to the REAL reason for the over population in our community shelters.. Contrary to what the HSUS and ASPCA has led this country to believe, an estimated 90% of shelter animals are the result of IRRESPOSIBLE PET OWNERS.. NOT BREERS/PUPPY MILLS.. According to the ASPCA HSUS and OTHER groups own stats, only around ten percent of these dogs come from breeders.. So why does the ASPCA HSUS and these other groups promote "PUPPY MILLS and BREEDERS" as the culprit? THEY DO IT FOR DONATIONS!.. Do you REALLY think that people would donate 100-200 million bucks a year EACH to the ASPCA PETAS and HSUS if these groups told the public that THEY ARE THE REAL CAUSE FOR 4-12 MILLION dogs and cats being killed in this country ea year?
Think for a moment.. There are an estimated 76,430,000 CATS in the United States. There are an estimated 60,080,000 DOGS.. My question is this, there are nearly 15,000,000 more cats in this this country than dogs.. Who is to blame for cat over population? There are no "cat mills" to blame.. Then why are there more cats than dogs if there are no "mills" breeding them"? For the same reason it is NOT true that breeders and "puppy mills" are the REAL cause for dog over population.. IT IS A LIE.. The ASPCA and HSUS use HALF TRUTHS to intentionally mislead the general public into donating to their cause.. Who could possibly believe that the 4-12 million cats and dogs that die in shelters each year are the result of breeders unless SOMEONE is promoting that lie? CALL EVERY SHELTER IN YOUR AREA.. I did..Surveyed some online also.. NOT ONE OF THEM ever told me that they EVER got a dog from a breeder or puppy mill...NOT ONE!.. Im NOT defending a "REAL PUPPY MILL".. I am defending my constitutional right to own animals. I am also trying to make you realize the immoral, unethical and illegal antics that these "rescue" groups to mislead the public into donating.
I GUARANTEE you that 90++%% of the general population of this country doesn't know that the ASPCA PETA AND HSUS take HUNDREDS of millions of their donation dollars and uses it to buy companies, realestate, stock, pension plans and pay some of their CEOS HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars a year in salaries.
I ASSUME that you know that the ASPCA has a net worth of around $231,000,000.00 BUCKS.. I ASSUME that you know that the ASPCA pays their CEO EDWIN SAYRE a WHOPPING average of $490,000.00 to $536,000.00 a year in SALARY USING OUR DONATION MONEY. THAT DON'T INCLUDE PERKS.. THAT my President, Senator, Representative and other legislator is NOTHING BUT FRAUDULENT HANDLING OF DONATION MONEY.. Heck, CEOS of some of the largest private companies in this country don't make that kind of money.. There is NO WAY IN HELL that it can be LEGAL OR ETHICAL for these RESCUE groups to be using OUR money to pay these CEOS this kind of money.. WHERE IN THE HELL is the government laws that regulate where the "unwary" doners money is allowed to be LEGALLY USED?
RIGHT NOW, the HSUS owns over $160,000,000.00 bucks in REALESTATE.. They have over $50,000,000.00 BUCKS in STOCK HOLDINGS.. RIGHT NOW they have over $20,000,000.00 BUCKS in PENSION FUNDS.. Yet they don't even BOTHER to care for most of their own damn raid animals while lying to the public and using their money as if it is their own! Seriously, how much money could there possibly be left for rescue when its all said and done?
WE THE PEOPLE do NOT donate these BILLIONS of dollars, HUNDREDS of millions a year, to the ASPCA PETA HSUS and these other groups to use for "stuff" like this!.. I dont believe that there is one person in this country who, when they donated, thought that the HSUS would be using their money RIGHT NOW planning to build a 300,000 Sq ft office complex on their thousand acre complex.. And I GUARANTEE you NO-ONE EVER thought that the HSUS would be using their money right now, planning to build 250-300 HOMES on that same property no doubt to be used as "employee perks".. YES, I know that there is "overhead and operating cost", but when the overhead is costing 100X more than what you are actually spending to save the animals, really, waht is the point? That money needs to be going to communtity shelters where it is needed most.. The U.S. Govenment needs to launch a campaign to inform people who think that HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) is affiliated with their local shelters.. People who think THAT because the ASPCA and HSUS LEAD us to believe that with their "puppy mill raid commerical antics". How many hundreds of millions of animals will have to be euthanized before while these groups are sucking up all of the donation money needed in our community shelters before our govenment does the "right" thing for once and inform the public.. Take a survey, I have in sorts over the years in my own community.. Nearly everyone that I have asked when they hear the name "Humane Society of the United States" THINKS that HSUS helps community shelters.. HSUS is NOT the Humane Society of the United States, our community shelters is. The HSUS should not be allowed to continue to perpetrate this fraud that they have carried out for decades by the misconception cause by their name.. They infact should not be allowed to use that name at all.
Let me close by saying this. I am not a proponent of animal neglect or abuse. I am a proponent of the constitution. I believe that everytime you let these groups tresspass against private citizens, farmers and rescue groups in this country, that you are allowing the chipping away of my/our constitutionally guaranteed rights to happiness and the pursuit there of.
. Take time to research Peta. Look at what veganistic statement are they making? Are they saying that its ok to mass murder animals, as long as you don't eat them? These groups are doing nothing less than using OUR donation money, while using names like HUMANE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES, AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS or PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREAMENT OF ANIMALS to gather support for their agendas. These groups are not our humane societies. These are multi hundred million dollars investment groups that are using our donation money to further their agendas by plaguing our famers and by using the INTERNENT to gather financial backing and funding from unwary donors to help them pass more laws that are consistently aimed at the farming industry as a whole.. They portray farmers and breeders alike as some kind of monster to gain sympathy and monetary donations. These groups are buying stock in meat and poultry companies in an effort to control and regulate the meat and farming industry in this country.. Dont you people see anything wrong with that?
I know that many of you may be "connected" with these groups. I have watched several of you Senators, governors and other members of our governing bodies and seen your committment to these groups.. Some of you are vegan yourselves.. Many of you are animal lovers as am I.. One things for sure, we ALL are proponents of the United States Constitution, or at least I hope we are.. By supporting these groups you have made yourself a willing participant in their erroneous agendas. You are also allowing these groups to infringe on OUR constitutionally guaranteed rights.. We all know what is happening here right before our own eyes. Are you going to continue to sit idly by while these nationalized billion dollar donation groups use fraudulent and unethical tactics to decieve and fraud the public while using unconstitutional tactics roaming from state to state preying on unwary individuals, farmers and breeders? I hope not.. Its time that you wake up and realize what is happening here.. I hope you care at least enough to research these groups thouroughly.. It is your duty to see that these groups use our money ETHICALLY, HUMANELY AND PREVENTIVELY.. By that I mean, when I donated to these groups for "RESCUE", I did not mean "humane euthanization".. I meant "RESCUE"! Nor did I mean for my hard earned dollars to be used for hundred million dollar realestate, company ownerships, stock, pension funds and exorbitant ceo salaires.. I THOUGHT my money was going to be used to save SOME of the countless millions of animals that have died year after year after year while these groups have used our money in every OTHER way imaginable..
Its time for YOU, MY government, the government of the people, the government of the donating public, to hold these predatory monster sized "rescue/investment groups" FISCALLY responsible for their illicit actions..
Sincerely concerned citizen

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