I have suddenly developed an aversion to Hope. I don't know what it is, but when anyone talks about having hope and being positive I feel like gagging. Ya I know its a bit extreme but then again I'm feeling a bit extreme these days.

So anyway I thought I'll tweet about it and maybe understand myself why this reaction to a feeling, that normally makes people feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

So to begin talking about "Hope" I have to first talk about her more successful cousin sister "Desire"

Desire is actually the star of the show we call Life…and though she is really intoxicating, there hides within her a sinister purpose.

You see, God woke up one day, saw all these Human Beings running around all over the place and realized that he needs a way to manage everyone…Lo and Behold, The Invention of Desire.

It's the ultimate control mechanism, set up by the big man himself. So God in one of his usual flashes of Genius came up with a system to control Human Beings.

He has this big plan for everything in this Universe and naturally when he is confronted with creatures such as us he needs an effective means of control, thats where Desire comes in. So whenever he feels that Humans are straying from his "ultimate purpose" he puts desire in our hearts and leads us in the right direction and we of course, being the lowly creatures that we are, just follow blindly, the bidding of that Desire.

But you know what ? Im still ok with that…I mean, I like Desire, its fun, it makes us feel alive and tingly and anyway who am I to judge Gods plan right ?

So fine go ahead God control me…Im good with Desire. The problem however begins at the end of Desire, thats where God I think made a mistake.

The Invention of Hope - The worst decision made by God.

Ok so what is Hope…Once God has controlled us using Desire and his plan is back in place a very weird thing happens. Depending on the plan, we either get what we desire or not…yeah I know right!!! its not an efficient system. I mean C'MON!! if you are giving us that Desire, then at least let us realize it…but no! God is not playing fair here. You see his plan may or may not include us getting what we desire and therein lies the glitch in the whole system…

So what does God do…He invents Hope. So for all those people who he couldn't give what they desire he gives them Hope instead. Now I think that is a major cop out on God's part. I mean this is like a band aid. Of course it is God's band aid so it works…it works to control us further…making us go along with his plan once again.

However…he he he…I know a way to beat the system.

Now If I manage to get this tweet out means God is allowing me to share the secret, mostly hoping that all of you wont really believe it but I think he hasn't adjusted his system for the power of Twitter yet.

I stumbled upon this secret almost by mistake. You see, I gave up on Hope.

But the moment I did that something wonderful happened. As I let go off all the Hope another one of Gods greatest control mechanism seemed to disappear as well, Fear.

The world suddenly opened up its secrets to me. I became invincible. There was no longer any control. It was a moment of revelation for me. I could sense God scrambling to get back control over the system but there was no way anymore. I was now operating from outside the system.

Fear is God's last frontier nothing can pass it and most of us fail to conquer it. However if we take the backdoor of Hope, let all Hope out the window, Fear falls down with it.

So I don't know how long it will take God to rectify this glitch but until he does follow me and beat the system… at the moment its ME 1 GOD 0…but don't know how long it lasts.

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