Alright so this in regards to the whole Sara flashing Justin on iChat thing.
Most of you have probably already seen the screen shot floating around of Sara flashing Justin on iChat, and with that comes a lot of drama obviously...but i thought i would just address everyone who is involved with it...

Sara; Weather or not you were under the influence of alcohol (a rumor that i've heard) or not... flashing a minor on ichat probably wasn't the smartest thing you have done. But people make mistakes and shit happens... we understand that. But since you did something wrong, and not to mention illegal... your going to have to deal with all the drama that occurs after it. I understand that you don't want that picture floating around the internet...but it is, it's on multiple sites already, so Bieber Heiress' isn't the only one who has posted the picture. I am sorry that the picture did get out to the public, but then again you should have thought twice about flashing justin before you did.

Bieber Heiress; Not gunna lie i love your blogs, they are very entertaining to read, and most of the time the things that you say are true. But about the picture. Posting the screen shot, was disrespecting Sara, you know that if a screen shot of you flashing someone got out into the public and was posted on a blog, you would have been just as upset as she was. But again people make mistakes, and shit happens, but thank you for deleting that post and realize that that wasn't a good decision to post that. So my advice to you is if you ARE going to blog about it... don't attach the picture to it.

Ryan; As much as i love how you are supporting your girlfriend Sara, and trying to have her back on this whole situation, it was stupid of you to tweet about it. You have over 95,000 followers, and by you tweeting BH about the situation you have more and more girls that know about it now. If they know about the situation chances are they saw the pictures. So congratulations thanks to you tweeting about the whole situation more girls and guys have now seen the picture of your girlfriend flashing your best friend... not smart ryan... not smart.

Sara's Friends: Just like Ryan, i think it's good that you are supporting your best friend, but threatening to call the police and go talk to them about Bieber Heiress' is not going to solve the situation. When you tell the cops that your 18 year old best friend flashed a 15 year old on ichat thats not going to sound to good. And if the rumor about sara being drunk while she did flash him is going to sound worse to the cops. Not only was she drinking while underage, she was an adult flashing a minor, and she could get in a lot of trouble for that. And if the cops found out who took the screen shot and sent it out to the public, that person could also get into a lot of trouble. Again i support you for having your best friends back... but if you go to the cops with this it's just going to start more shit.

Random people who feel that this is their business too; I understand that most of the beliebers are pissed that sara flashed 'their man' but honestly get over it. It's in the past nothing can be done about it, so don't bitch at sara about it. Sara probably already knows that that wasn't the smartest thing for her to do, but you bitching at her isn't going to change anything. yes, it wasn't right for Bieber Heiress' to post the picture, but the deleted it off their blog, so quit bitching at them as well. As for Ryan, leave him alone to, he is just trying to support his girlfriend, just like any boyfriend would do. But if you are bitching at BH for what they said, or you think they said to ryan, drop it, you are just supporting ryan because he is friends with justin, dont try to convince anyone otherwise. Bottom line is this is situation is for SARA to solve NOT any of you. So drop it and save the drama for your llama.

Unlike most of you, we are not taking sides on this, nor do we care about this. Everyone involved in this situation did something wrong at some point, but it's in the past, it can't be taken back. So it's just pathetic why anyone is still wasting their time talking about it. My advice is for everyone to stop talking about it, and move on with their lives.

P.S we will NOT answer any questions about this, it's a waste of time to be talking about it... i just thought i would give my opinion about it


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