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3rd May 2010 from Twitlonger

Emergency! Pls Keep Posting. Urgent Call to ACTION!!! #Iranelection #HumanRights #Amnesty #hrw @CNNIranDesk @BBC

Dear all,

This message is going out to various NGOs, student groups, and individuals so apologies for having to cover all aspects in one singular email - not all of this email will apply to everyone.

Firstly - for anyone not familiar with myself, my name is Shreen Ayob and I volunteer for a charity called the Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation (IKWRO) in London. One of our clients is Bita Ghaedi and she is being deported to Iran on Wednesday where she is likely to be executed because she dared exercise her free speech. This is a clear cut case of human rights abuse and the UK government are too busy electioneering to care.

More info here from IKWRO:

An article from me after I had spoken to editors of UK national papers and was fobbed off:

Photos from a previous protest before Bita's flight was cancelled because of volcanic ash:

If you are free on Wednesday and would like to help encourage the passengers on Bita's flight to protest, please come along. Details for the protest are here:

(Even if you cannot make the protest, click on the above link for some immediate direct action you can take)

If you are an organisation can you please tell all the relevant people in your group and rally some supporters. This is particularly aimed at the STAR group and LondonNoBorders.

If you are a photographer come along to take pictures (although there will be no banners to photograph, we still need photographic evidence).

If you are a journalist or writer, help to spread the word, write an article or come along for the ride. BITA'S CASE NEEDS AS MUCH VISIBILITY AS POSSIBLE. (And don't get me started on the fact that Bita is one of many!)

I do not expect many people to be able to travel to Heathrow on a Wednesday afternoon so please please please tell as many people as possible, especially those energetic student types! :)

Thankyou everyone so much for your support so far you've all been incredibly helpful, supportive and kind.

Here's hoping to a successful protest!


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